Chaoyang built 21 educational group public primary and secondary school high -quality education resources 100%coverage
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Chaoyang built 21 educational group public primary and secondary school high -quality education resources 100%coverage

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Chaoyang District that at present, 21 education groups have been built in Chaoyang District to achieve 100%full coverage of high -quality education resources in public primary and secondary schools. Children can enjoy balanced high -quality education nearby.There are more than 500 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and vocational high schools in the district, with more than 342,000 students in the school, and the volume of basic education accounts for about 1/6 in the city.There are 35 international schools in the district, and international students and foreign teachers are ranked first in the city.

In order to expand the supply of high -quality resources, Chaoyang District adheres to the “internal expansion”, and achieves the rapid gathering of high -quality educational resources and expanding school scale by optimizing the methods of group running, school district management, and joint school running.Taking Chen Jinglun Middle School Education Group as an example, it has 11 branches and 25 school sites, which penetrates 12 years of basic education from elementary to high school.The “backbone development center” and “group quality management center” and other management forms have formed a unique group management model.

“Optimize and integrate existing resource construction Education Group, can further give full play to the resource advantages and brand effects of high -quality schools, strengthen the communication and exchanges of teachers inside the group, carry out studying in inter -school schools, and effectively improve the school districts and weak schools in the school district.The quality of education and schooling of the new school will create an education platform that is beneficial to children to learn from children.

In addition, Chaoyang District also conducts school special education for teaching, breaks the boundaries of the discipline, enhances the comprehensive literacy of students, helps them form a good study, behavior and thinking habits, and make children curious about the world’s curiosity and exploration.Among them, the 80th Middle School in Beijing was selected as an artificial intelligence education base in primary and secondary schools in the country, and the “Wang Xuan Innovation Experimental Class” has landed for more than ten years, leading the early training of top innovation talents with the spirit of scientists;Volleyball courses, selected outstanding students in each section to set up the “Lang Ping Class” to carry out the “Langping Cup” activity; the teachers and students of the Chaoyang District Experimental Primary School won more than 40 national patents; Hojialou Central Primary School led the launch of the PDC Education Alliance.

In the future, Chaoyang District will continue to introduce high -quality educational resources, strengthen cooperation with high -quality education with universities, accelerate the construction of high -quality and large -scale schools, and allow more children to enjoy fair and high -quality education.Promote the integration of five education, promote the cultivation of top -top innovative talents, realize the high -quality development of Chaoyang education, and enter the strong education zone of characteristic education.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhao Tingting