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China -Singapore Health 丨 The three departments print the management measures for national health emergency teams

  China News Service, March 23. According to the website of the National Health and Health Commission, the National Health and Health Commission, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the State CDC recently issued the “Administrative Measures for the National Health Emergency Team” to further strengthen and regulate the national health emergency emergencyTeam management work to improve the ability of emergencies and disposal of emergencies.

  According to the measures, the national health emergency team is mainly divided into emergency medical rescue categories, major epidemic medical emergency categories, emergency poisoning incident disposal, nuclear and radiation emergencies, sanitary emergency categories, Chinese medicine emergency medical care, emergency infectious disease prevention and controlkind.

  The national health emergency team is mainly composed of health emergency managers, medical and health professionals, technical security and logistical support personnel.Emergency management and medical care professionals have more than 30 people per team, 1 captain, 2 to 3 deputy captains, and each team with more than 30 reserve personnel.

  The measures are clear. In accordance with the principles of “unified command, strict discipline, rapid response, efficient disposal, combining peace in battle, reasonable layout, based on the characteristics of domestic and international”, according to the characteristics of regions and emergencies, the construction and management of health emergency teams are coordinated.

  The team should strengthen the formulation of equipment construction and various emergency plans and standard operation guidelines. The team function should meet the minimum standards:

  Emergency medical rescue categories should meet 20 damage control surgery per day. They can be diagnosed with 200 emergency and outpatient patients per day, and 20 -view -observation beds are opened to focus on strengthening trauma treatment capabilities; realizing 14 days of self -protection.