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Create a good environment to ensure high -quality development

Jin Lei emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen political leadership, build a grass -roots organization system with the party organization as the core, deepen the party building work of the “two enterprises and three new”, better give full play to the advantages of talents, resources and technical advantages, promote high -quality new formats with high standards of party buildingdevelop.It is necessary to grasp the foundation of the grassroots, focus on reducing the burden of the grassroots, promote the front line of more resources, services, and management, strengthen work synergy and effective integration forces, and make the grassroots feel at a hardened work with solid work.We must solidify the concept of the law, carry out in -depth activities of “Creating the Year of the Law of the Law”, strengthen the accuracy of policy supply, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of law enforcement, and open up the “last mile” of public legal services, and effectively stimulate the development of market entities.We must adhere to and develop the “Maple Bridge Experience” in the new era, do a good job in the construction of a diversified resolution platform for “one -stop” contradictions in the province, and strive to achieve a “one -stop acceptance, a package of disposal, and full chain solution.”It is necessary to further promote the rule of law work, comprehensively implement the “Regulations on the Work of letters and visits”, and effectively achieve the clear power and responsibility, clear bottom count, handling in accordance with the law, good order, and satisfaction of the masses.Essence(Sichuan Daily All Media Reporter Chen Yu Wang Peizhe)