Education Market Innovation Trend Report | Quality Education: The eve of the new round of explosive growth
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Education Market Innovation Trend Report | Quality Education: The eve of the new round of explosive growth

Wang Feng, a researcher at the 21st Century Economics Research Institute  Recently, the 21st Century Institute of Economic Research Innovation Education issued the “Equipment: In the 2023 China Education Market Innovation Trends Report”, which inspected the development status, pain points and trends of the quality education market under the horizons of the construction of a strong education country.

The physical and mental health of adolescents across the country has aroused widespread concern of the society. The risk of “small glasses” and “small fat pier” is prominent, and the hidden dangers of young people’s mental health are shocked. Public opinion is boiling in 10 minutes between primary school students.The educational system for comprehensively cultivated the wisdom, body, and labor, and replenish the shortcomings of the five education to truly fulfill comprehensive education.

Quality Education 2023 Market Overview

1. Do a good job of scientific education and plus law in the “double reduction” of education

As a centralized intersection of education, science and technology, and talents, science education is a strategic breakthrough from educational power to a strong country.The education market is at the level of innovative innovative talents, scientific core literacy, and popularization of science and technology. At key links such as curriculum textbooks, experimental teaching, teacher training, practical activities, monitoring and evaluation, collaborative education, condition guaranteeEducation is difficult to block.


2. Comprehensively strengthen non -disciplinary off -school training supervision

The “double reduction” work has achieved staged progress, and a number of typical experiences and practices have emerged. Non -disciplinary off -school training approval registration has steadily advanced. Online non -disciplinary off -school training approval registration is broken.Use the nation’s out -of -school education training supervision and service comprehensive platform to implement the entire process supervision.Compliant non -disciplinary off -school training courses are introduced into the school in an orderly manner through government purchase services, forming school education is beneficial to supplement.

3. New quality education category has emerged, and market power shifting

Programming, thinking, humanistic creation, bilingual drama and other new quality education categories have risen, and have transformed from depending on the study of discipline learning to the integration of discipline learning.Traditional quality education is a single quality, beauty, and labor, and new categories such as STEM penetrate and seize the positions of intellectual education, and change from focusing on the development of a single quality to the comprehensive quality of development.The stable entry channels such as science and technology specialties and information thepex, which emphasize the literacy of students, from affecting the results of the cultural courses to failure to conflict with cultural courses and even help to change the exam.In general, with the emergence of new quality education categories, non -disciplinary off -school training is mainly based on the traditional satisfaction of interest.


4. The scale of quality education market has steadily increased

The epidemic has brought strong fluctuations to the development of the quality education market, especially in 2020, which was severely impacted. In 2021, it rebounded under the low base effect, but the market was damaged again in 2022.In 2023, the quality education market was fully recovered, and the growth of programming, robotics, and research camps increased significantly. The scale of the entire quality education market increased to about 467 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of 18%.


Pain in quality education market pain points

1. Drama changes in population situation affect market capacity and expectations

In the next 10 years, the school -age population in my country will have more obvious changes in peak and valley.In the long run, the population of preschool education will be significantly reduced, the population of compulsory education will reach the peak and then decline, and high school will face a schedule.The quality education market users are mainly preschool and elementary school population. The number of students in schools has begun to decline, and it will show a long -term decline, which will impact the capacity and growth expectations of the quality education market.However, in the middle and long term, basic education will still maintain a large base, and as the number of registration subjects increases and the tuition price will increase, the quality education market will maintain a steady growth, and more new categories have explosive growth space.


2. The structure of the scientific teacher team is seriously unbalanced

my country’s high -quality and professional elementary school science teachers are extremely scarce.Studies have found that there are “two 70%” problems in the structure, occupational literacy and professional development of primary school science teachers in my country, that is, 72.5%of irrational background teachers, 70.1%of elementary school science teachers, and levels of college and below. The proportion is still large, and the level of education needs to be improved.Compared with public school teachers, the preparation and treatment level of teachers at off -campus education and training institutions are low, and their education level and professional quality are even more worrying.

3. New category of quality education exists in the phenomenon of “scratching the side ball”

New categories of quality education such as logical thinking, humanistic aesthetics have not been launched for a long time, teaching and research staff are insufficient, and the curriculum teaching materials system is not complete. The market acceptance needs to be developed.At the same time, the problem of invisible mutation such as “thinking expansion” and the “humanistic literacy” of the “humanistic literacy” of the Chinese lesson, and the Chinese lessons such as “humanistic literacy” still exist to varying degrees. The scale is smaller, the cost is higher, the hidden is deeper, and the supervision is more difficult.

The development trend of quality education market

1. Typical track: adolescent programming education takes scientific education Dongfeng

The dividend of scientific education policy has led to the rapid development of adolescent programming education.Tong Cheng Tongmei, Programming Cat, Walnut Programming, Lego, Lebo Lebo, Watermelon Maker and other head companies have a high popularity.Education companies also take programming education as a key business.The scale of adolescent programming education is expected to reach 61.6 billion yuan in the next three years, and the compound annual growth rate will exceed 18%.The market share of head companies will increase, and it is expected that many companies with more than 2 billion yuan will occur within three years.The growth rate of the external training market for the information school facing the science and technology specialty students and the information science Olympics will exceed the quality programming education market. It is expected that the market share will reach 20%in the next three years.Youth programming education products are upgraded to the combination of software and hardware, scene teaching, and project learning, and emphasize scientific thinking and hands -on training.

2. Compliant supervision to force the enterprise to change the business model

Non -disciplinary off -campus training supervision will be in -depth, the standard entry threshold for the quality education market will be raised, and the requirements for business standardization will be higher.Training institutions shall not collect or disguise the time of recharge, secondary cards and other forms at one time, and the cost spanning for more than 3 months or 60 hours, and shall not exceed 5,000 yuan.This requires the agency to change the extensive business model of “Yin Eating Grain” and borrowing debts, enrich the product system, improve service quality, and enhance internal vitality.

3. Outside -school quality education is good for school education to supplement

At present, the majority of primary and secondary schools, especially school art, sports, and scientific teachers in rural areas, and the structural shortage of scientific teachers in rural areas. After -school services require a large amount of quality education supply.Quality education companies should use their own differentiated characteristics to carry out widely developed school services. Yun Sizhi, Ape Programming, New Oriental, many prime education, Tencent Ding Ding, HKUST Xunfei and other companies are vigorously exploring the school service.On the one hand, the quality education market must provide schools, teachers, resources, technical services, and cooperate with the school to carry out various forms of quality courses and comprehensive practice activities such as school -based courses, community activities, and after -school services.The flexible advantages of the form are devoted to the construction of a variety of learning centers.