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Evaluation: A -share shrinkage rebounded 0.17%of the Shanghai Index, Xiaomi Automobile concept strong eruption

On March 26th (Tuesday), the three major Indoices of A -shares opened up and down. The market rushed up in the early market at the beginning of the market, and then fluctuated. The three major indexes in the afternoon have weakened the whole board.In the afternoon, the A -share fluctuation momentum, a wave of rebound appeared in the market. The GEM index rose more than 1%, but then fell, and the three major indexes eventually rose collectively.

As of the close, the Shanghai Index rose 0.17%to 3031.48 points, and the Shenzhen Index rose 0.28%to 9449.43 points. The GEM index rose 0.44%to 1841.54 points.The total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities was 95.6029 billion yuan, and the actual net purchase of the northbound capital was 4.725 billion yuan.The daily limit of 63 shares in the two cities and the daily limit of 21 shares.

In terms of industry sectors, battery, real estate services, glass glass fiber, real estate development, automotive parts, and winemaking industry have gone forward. Games, software development, Internet services, communications services, cultural media and other declines.Black batteries, millet cars, solid batteries, fluorine chemicals, aquaculture, nuclear pollution prevention and other themes are relatively active.

Important section review

The concept of Xiaomi Motors has maintained heat.

The automotive industry chain is eye -catching, Riying Electronics, Sanxiang New Materials, Lianming Co., Ltd., Haima Automobile’s daily limit, molding technology, Longji Machinery, Demos, and Disaixiway followed up.

The battery industry broke out, Nebula, Time Wanheng, Pu Tailai, Fengshan Group, Yongtai Technology, Zhongyuan New Materials, Fengyuan Co., Ltd., Koncan Technology, Mustang Battery, Anfo Technology, Tianci Materials Daily Daily, Xiangfenghua, Penghui Energy, Ling Technology and other gains.

The real estate sector exerts its efforts. Dalong Real Estate, Beijing Investment Development, Tianbao Infrastructure, and Shangshi Development Daily Life, Tianjin Investment City Kai, Jingneng Real Estate, and Zhongzhou Holdings have increased by more than 5%.

The concept of flying cars has risen again. Guangyang Co., Ltd. and Kaizhong have daily limit. Genesis, Kaizhong, Wanfeng Oway, and Shangluo Electronics have also performed well.

The concept of nuclear pollution prevention and control has risen in the afternoon, Huashengchang’s daily limit, and China Power Environmental Protection, Range Everbright, San Da Mosa, and Jieqiang Equipment also performed well.

The concept of pork rose sharply, the daily limit of the biological biological, and the return of Biosheng Biology, Bangji Technology, Shunxin Agriculture, and Shennong Group to varying degrees.

The banking sector fluctuated upward, China Merchants Bank, Suzhou Bank rose more than 3%, and Changshu Bank and Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank rose more than 2%.

Focus Company Analysis

Xinhai retired into the delisting period, and the stock price plummeted by more than 60%.

High -level stocks have declined, Ai Ai Jinggong, two major reasons, Boxin Co., Ltd., Hua Ling Seiko, Oriental Fashion and other daily limits.

The latest interpretation of the organization

Oriental Securities analysis said that from a technical point of view, the index transitions from a rebound to the horizontal disk, and active funds from active participation to cautiously do more or even leave the field, indicating that the market enters the storage period.At the end of the market; from the point of view of the timeline, the market has gradually entered the period of disclosure of the first quarter report, and investors need to pay close attention to the relevant themes and track performance support.