Everyone is afraid of being old. I do these things right, "Aging is also afraid of you"!
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Everyone is afraid of being old. I do these things right, "Aging is also afraid of you"!

According to the Health Times, when it comes to aging, the first reaction of many people is to resist and panic, which means that the skin’s relaxation, the decline in physical function, and the loss of memory …

But aging is also “afraid”, it is most afraid of you doing these things!

Health Times

1. Aging afraid of you: eat antioxidant food often

In January 2024, studies published in the journal of “Age” showed that intake of antioxidant diet, delayed biomedy aging, and the highest participants with the lowest scoring participants, the highest participants’ phenotyan age decreased by 0.52 years.

Zuo Xiaoxia, director of the Nutrition Department of the Eighth Medical Center of the General Hospital of the PLA General Hospital, pointed out in the Health Time News in 2017 that vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E are called “iron triangles” of antioxidant.Must guarantee.Animal foods are rich in vitamin A, fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C. A small handle contain vitamin E.And purple food blueberries, grapes, mulberry, purple cabbage, anthocyanins in the beautiful radish, lycopene in tomato can play a role in antioxidant.

2. Aging Afraid of you: Eight points of eating habits

As long as you “eat two less mouths”, you can delay the aging process of adults.The research on “Nature Aging” in 2023 shows that daily calorie intake decreases by 12%, which can enhance muscles and delay aging.This is equivalent to reaching “eight or nine points of full” in calorie intake, and you might as well take two less meals for each meal.

3. Aging is afraid of you: regular sleep stable sleep

A study published in the “Sleep Health” magazine in 2023 stated that maintaining stable sleep habits can help slow down the process of biomedy aging.Compared with people with stable sleep habits, participants who have a greater deviation of sleeping time, working days and weekend sleep differences are 9 months old.

Therefore, maintaining regular and stable sleep habits, maintaining a similar sleep time and getting up every day, helping to slow down the bi aging process.

4. Aging is afraid of you: spend time exercise every day

A study published in the “Nature · Metabolism” magazine in 2020 found that aerobic exercise can improve the muscle repair ability of elderly mice, improve the muscle stem cell function of elderly mice, and restore it to a young state.The ability to repair the muscle injury without exercise mice is significantly lower than that of young mice that do not exercise; the muscle injury repair ability of the elderly mice that regularly exercise is much better than the control group that does not exercise.

5. Aging Afraid of you: I have a nap to sleep every day

A study published in the magazine published in “Sleep Health” in 2023 analyzed data from 40 to 69 years old.Studies have found that the general brain capacity of people with a nap habit is greater. The average difference between people who are accustomed to nap and people who are not accustomed to nap are equivalent to aging 2.6 to 6.5 years old.The human brain capacity is larger, the brain is better, and the risk of dementia and other diseases is lower.

Researchers said that for many people, a nap is an essential part of life.As you get older, this will help maintain the health of the brainEssenceHowever, it is worth noting that the nap time should not be too long, otherwise it will be counterproductive. It is best to control it within 30 minutes.

6. Aging is afraid of you: I can always maintain a good attitude

A study released by the “Aging” magazine in 2022 shows that negative emotions such as loneliness, fear, and depression have a significant acceleration effect on aging, which can make the physiological age get older than 20 months, which is greater than smoking.

The important thing for health is to nourish the heart, feel comfortable, eat incense, sleep well, people are willing to move, the mental head is good, and it will be young and healthy.

7. Aging is afraid of you: have daily sun protection habits

During the process of skin aging, light aging is the most important cause of skin aging.The sunlight will not only make people darkened, but also accelerate the loss of skin moisture and the aging of the skin, aggravate freckles, and may also breed wrinkles.In the case of conditions permit, it is best to use sunscreen all year round. When you go out, you can also use a hat, umbrella, sunglasses and other sunscreen.

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