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Fashionable and practical can have both

  As the “second challenge” of accessories in the fashion circle, shoes are the focus of the attention of fashionable people outside the bag.The reporter noticed that at the International Fashion Week recently ended, the shoes released in the new season of major brands showed a kind of interesting contradictions -creative brain hole was still wide, but the naked eye was all restrained.Express, convergence and practicality coexist.The fashion industry revealed that the uncertainty of the global market and the changing needs of consumers are affecting the entire fashion industry. At the same time, fashion is gradually returning to practicalism, and the shoes design is also “beautiful and not very publicity”.Exploration of the direction aims to take a brand new balance concept.

  Text/Guangzhou Daily All -Media Reporter Tan Weiting Picture/Vision China, Interviewee Conferry

  International trend:

  The conceptual design of the big name is becoming more and more “grounded”

  ”How to present a new design in the restrained context? This is a problem that we need to solve in the new season of this year.” Zhou Xuan, director of the design of the tide shoe shoes, told reporters that looking at the trend of international popularity, we can see that the creativity of brain opening is not open.Disappearing, but incorporated a practical gene to present the stage with a more gentle attitude.”There are not so many obedient ‘alarms and amazing”, Zhou Xuan said that the focus of the shoe design is increasingly biased towards “ghost and horse details”, that is, the publicity of the inspection can not be excessive.Unique design.

  The reporter noticed that taking the Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week as an example, the contrast between the new shoes of the two shoes and the “contradiction beauty” can be described as highly fit.Under the premise of the same fashion, the former is full of urban punk, such as Balenciaga Wader Boots, a new recreation concept model, Christian Dior dior binocar, alien patent leather boots, Chloé retro rivet decoration high heels;Decorative cat heel shoes, GUCCI high waterproof platform Slingback high heels, bottega veneta small square head Mueller high -heeled shoes.

  Zhang Yu, a buyer of international design brands, told reporters that the conceptual design of big -name big names is becoming more and more “grounded”.You can wear the route. “In Zhang Yu’s view, this may be related to the” quiet and luxurious style “this year’s popular. Young fashion consumer groups want to wear comfortable quality, high -end fashion popular, self -dew, and quietness.The style, “This is equivalent to finding a small luck that is practical in the fashion ecosystem. It is both aesthetic and emotional.” Zhang Yu believes that “the finishing touch” role in fashion is “common sense and logicThe surprise “is the essence and core of the popularity of shoes design.

  Application interpretation:

  Carry out the aesthetics in the joint mode, and the details embellish the daily life

  ”It is not the same as the application of clothing design. Shoes design is not only associated with aesthetics, but also more interesting logic in it, such as the sneaker economy.” Guangzhou business analyst Xiao Tang said that the “sneaker economy” as an example, with the shoeWhat is related to the collection is the collection value, the key is to who it is co -branded, and how many unique design elements that can distinguish between ordinary daily models.”When the number of limited sale becomes a gimmick, the consumer group really cares about the integration aesthetics carried by the joint model. They want the emotional experience of‘ no matter how you wear or not, you feel happy. ”

  The reporter noticed that the expressiveness of fashion sports shoes at this fashion week is evident. For sports shoes other than fashion shoes, designers have added more silhouette inspiration to grasp the eyeball.For example, Balenciaga, the 2024 Winter Show held in Paris announced on the eve of the release on the eve of the release of the new Winter 24 series, the new single product reptile sports shoes -sports shoes type uses pointed fashion shoes.Full of drama tension.And the same attention, as well as the new cross -border products of fashion brands and professional shoe brands.In the new autumn and winter products of 2024, the designer Jonathan Cohen and the emerging designer shoe brand Larrrowé jointly co -branded. The iconic bow is embellished with classic Kate boots and Mueller shoes, full of drama and gorgeousness; designer Christian Cowan joins with casual shoesThe brand TOMS presents three new autumn and winter shows. The black and white color combination with the peony element and fabric collide out of a refreshing fashion style.

  ”I am a ‘accessories control’, but I like the classic and clean styles in the choice of shoes, but this year I made a little new attempt.” The Fashion Expo advocated Ting Ting told reporters that she started a few pairs of retro stereous three -dimensional.The decorative leather boots are inspired by the particularly interesting match on the LV autumn and winter show.”Tight -fitting pantyhose of irregular geometric graphics, with the medium -and -thick leather boots, echo the slightly obedient three -dimensional details.” Zhang Ting believes that many of them can be applied in daily life, and they can be applied toThe integration style is also wide, fashionable is not exaggerated, and the details can withstand scrutiny.

  Consumption observation:

  The Paris Olympics will be a huge opportunity for high -end sports brands

  The Olympic year has always been the key to the upgrading of the brand industry’s status for sports brands.For the fashion industry, the Olympic Games held in Paris this summer has more special significance, especially high -end sports brands and fashion brands that plan to develop sports series.Based on the official senior partner of LVMH Group, the Paris Olympic Games in 2024 can be described as full of global fashion expectations.The fashion industry believes that the Olympic Games is a huge opportunity that can show the strength of enterprises and brands in innovation, performance, and sustainable products. The key is to find the perspective of market tone.

  Business analysts revealed that this is an excellent opportunity for fashion sports and sports fashion. Shoes are used as an important cutter. This is an important opportunity to penetrate and expand the consumer market in the field of high fashion and professional sports.

  Gucci parent company Kaiyun Group proposes to appoint three independent directors

  Rachel Duan, Giovanna Melandri and Dominique D’Hinnin are nominated to join the Board of Kaiyun Group. The board will vote at the annual shareholders’ meeting on April 25.If passing, the proportion of women members of the board of directors will reach 55%.Rachel Duan, a senior vice president of GM, will bring her “rich knowledge about the Asian market and her international experience in operation and corporate governance.”Former Italian Minister of Culture Giovanna Melandri will use her professional knowledge in sustainable development, social influence, and sustainable financial and economy to cooperate with Kaiyun Group.Dominique D’Hinnin has recently served as the chairman of the board of directors of the European Telecom Satellite Corporation, and has also served as a co -management partner and chief financial officer of Lagardère.

  Tubu International’s 2023 revenue increased by 10.9% year -on -year

  On March 18, the 2023 annual report released by Tubu International showed that in 2023, the company realized revenue of 14.346 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%year -on -year, a record high.Among them, the revenue of the special brand brand reached a record high, reaching 11.947 billion yuan; the revenue of the professional movement section was nearly doubled, and Sonny became the first new brand to achieve profitability;The income from the Mainland China has increased rapidly, with a year -on -year growth rate of 224.3%.

  Chanel appoints the new general manager of perfume and beauty department.

  CHANEL Inc. has appointed Emilie de Tramsure as the general manager of perfume and beauty department. From September 9th, she will pick up Barbara MenarGuez and the latter will retire from Chanel on April 26.During this period, perfume and beauty business will be led by Molli Megasko, the digital director of the American company.Emilie de Tramsure began Chanel’s career in 1998. In the past six years, he has been the general manager of watches and high jewelry business.