Fashionable and vibrant young factions | Choosing gifts, young people value practicality
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Fashionable and vibrant young factions | Choosing gifts, young people value practicality

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Reporter Hu Quan

Today, what is the most important thing for young people to give gifts?Some consumers say that gifts must be able to express their minds and have strong practicality.Data show that in 2023, the most selected products for domestic gift economy users are practical value products, accounting for 63.6%.

On April 21, in a specialty store in our city, Ms. Zou, a 28 -year -old citizen, was selecting cameras for her husband to prepare to give her husband as a birthday gift.Ms. Zou told reporters that in order to choose birthday gifts for her husband, she recently went to many shopping malls and saw watches, clothes and other products, but always felt that these gifts were too ordinary.Later, Ms. Zou considers that her husband was engaged in the media industry. A new camera could help his work, so she decided to buy a new camera for her husband.

After 2 hours of selection, Ms. Zou purchased a micro -single camera worth 15,000 yuan under the recommendation of the sales staff.”Buying this camera is because it has a silver top, the black body, and the appearance is particularly good -looking. And the sales staff told me that it is full -frame, just like her husband’s old camera, so I decisively placed the order. I hopeThis new camera can make his work smoother. “Ms. Zou said.

Data show that consumers have the highest proportion of gifts to partners on their special anniversary and couple festivals, 74.8%and 67.8%, respectively. Gifts have become important carriers to express emotions at this time.

On April 21, Mr. Qian, a 27 -year -old citizen, received a Taiwanese calendar printed with his photos of him and his wife on the online shopping platform. He was going to give this gift as a gift for love.Mr. Qian said that this desk calendar is a green -based tone, giving people a fresh feeling.At the same time, all the photos on the Taiwan calendar were carefully selected by him, and took a group photo when going out with his wife, and felt very memorable.

Mr. Qian said: “Although this gift I bought is only more than 100 yuan, I think this is to print the beautiful memories of my lover into ‘future’, let us welcome every new day in the aftertaste.It is a little reminder to pay attention to what you want to do on the calendar.

Today, young consumers such as the “post -90s” and “post -00s” are not only willing to choose a gift for family members and friends on time nodes such as traditional festivals and anniversary, such as shopping festivals, promotion days, etc.The peak period of gifts from each other.

The TV of Mr. Zhou’s parents’ house has been used for many years. Not long ago, he learned that the city is about to hold the “2024 Spring Consumption Season · Home Appliances New Consumption Festival”.Give them a new TV.”I thought about changing TVs for the old couple before, but they always thought that the old TV was worthless, and it was a pity to throw it away, so I kept using it. I learned that there will be many new TVs at this event, and there are many opportunities to choose.It ’s the old change, and there is a subsidy. I do n’t have to worry about the processing of the old TV. Now I have registered the event. I hope that I can buy a new TV that is most suitable for parents.