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From the Olympic venue to the integration of landmark Huaxi Live · Wukesong to leverage the new commercial energy of Beijing

The weather is getting warmer, and commercial projects in outdoor districts have become the best choice for consumers.Under the blessing of frequent concerts, the popularity of Huaxi Live · Wukesong has recently soared. This comprehensive body transformed from a stadium into a commercial landmark shows the city’s development power that keeps pace with the times, business, sports, entertainment, and entertainment.The combination of genes such as art allows local consumer groups to feel the combination of different lifestyles here. It also provides a reference significance for the subsequent commercial value of sports competition venues, allowing Beijing cities to rejuvenate and lead the new trend of urban development.

Rise from the Olympic venue

Today’s Huaxi Live Wulinatong is a one -stop consumer place in Beijing, but it is inseparable from the foundation of sports genes.The relevant person in charge of Huaxi Live, Wushu, revealed that the Wusong Stadium has about 80 uninterrupted competitions and concerts each year, becoming the highest utilization venue in Beijing.

Wusong’s dual Olympic venue hosted a series of popular performances and events. The musicians at home and abroad held a concert here to bring fans to the music feast that shocked the soul.In addition, the venue has also held many high -profile sports events. The CBA Shougang Men’s Basketball Men’s main game, the CBA All -Star Game, the NBA China Tournament, the 2019 Men’s Basketball World Cup, etc., brought wonderful visual enjoyment to sports fans.

As the only private double Olympic venue in the country, Wukesong has gone through a gorgeous transformation from stadiums to vibrant commercial complexes.Driven by the policy support of the Beijing Municipal Government, Wushuatong takes the comprehensive venue cluster operation as its core, and takes an immersive experience as the starting point. It has created a unique business model.Transformed into a commercial project.

Following this world -class stadium, Huaxi Live · Wukesong has continuously expanded its sports territory and successively launched new projects such as basketball parks, ice centers, and fun sports facilities.Basketball Park, as a paradise for basketball enthusiasts, provides rich basketball activities and professional training facilities; the center of the ice is committed to creating the top domestic ice and snow sports venues, providing high -quality training and competition environment for ice sports enthusiasts.In addition, Huaxi LIVE · Wusong also exerts parent -child sports, fun sports, etc., with more than 10 sports venues including badminton, tennis, football, and fun sports facilities prepared for parent -child activities, such as light and smooth slide, Empty crossing, 124 -meter -long rainbow slide, etc., strengthening the stickiness of parent -child consumption.

The addition of these sports projects not only further enriched the sports connotation of Huaxi Live · Wusong, but also injected new vitality into the development of the sports industry in Beijing and the country.Huaxi Live Wusong is leading the new trend of urban sports development with its unique sports functions.

Drive the rise of business functions

Every game and performance, the spillover effect of the driving cannot be underestimated.According to the above -mentioned person in charge, at present, Huaxi LIVE · Wusong working days have 60,000 people, 140,000 people on the weekend, 170,000 people in major festivals, concerts and competitions, and nearly 20 million people throughout the year.

In addition to the needs of citizens to meet the needs of citizens, Huaxi LIVE · Wukesong, Huaxi LIVE Wusong can also meet the needs of consumers ‘friends’ dinner, leisure pastime, parent -child interaction and other needs.According to reports, of the more than 200 merchants in the neighborhood, catering merchants accounted for relatively large, and most of them were seen with fashion catering and online celebrity brands.

With the increasingly hot and mature of the commercial district, Huaxi Live · Wukesong also introduced a number of medium, small and micro venues, covering the form of cultural, art, and technological interaction.It has become the new favorite of young people now.

Huaxi Live Wusong will continue to increase its efforts in the construction of the business district.The above -mentioned person in charge revealed that Huaxi Live Wusong plans to expand Huaxi Live · Wushu Songbei Commercial.The new business area will introduce cutting -edge technology such as the Yuan Universe on the basis of inheriting the existing immersive interactive experience format, so that the interactive experience will be further upgraded.

At the same time, North District Commercial focuses on the “immersive interactive cultural experience” in the investment business format, and will be differentiated with the brand’s landing and complement the southern district to make up for the lack of commercial area and brand number in the southern district.The introduction of Huaxi Live Wusong’s attention not only enhances the cultural connotation of the business district, but also attracts more consumers with demand for culture.

It is reported that Huaxi Live Wusong has won a number of honors since its opening in 2017, including national tourism and leisure districts, national night cultural tourism consumption agglomeration, National Night Economic Demonstration Street, Beijing Second “Features Commercial Street”, One of the first four night landmarks in Beijing, the top ten cultural consumption landmarks in Beijing, and the top ten commercial brands in Beijing, have become the entertainment new world that leads quality life and fashion.

Enrich Beijing’s business vitality

Nowadays, Huaxi Live Wusong has become a demonstration block for the integration of travelers in Beijing. To a certain extent, it has helped the commercial development of Beijing to build an international consumer center city.This year, Beijing will improve the quality of commercial supply in terms of commercial carriers and brand building.On the one hand, Beijing will introduce the policy of supporting the quality improvement of the business district and the high -quality development policy of commercial pedestrian streets, support the upgrading and transformation of commercial entities, and create a smart business district, smart shops, and commercial and cultural travel development demonstration business districts (shopping malls).

Huaxi LIVE Wusong has met the diversified needs of consumers with its immersive experience, becoming an important destination that attracts domestic and foreign consumers, and will continue to innovate and develop and enhance the consumer experience.In terms of details such as atmosphere creation, Huaxi Live Wusongsong has invested more than 40 million yuan for light lighting since its opening in 2017, and aims to create a better night entertainment atmosphere.

In order to attract more young consumers to check in, Huaxi Live · Wusong also built a number of Internet celebrity punching points in the business district, such as the flower walls in the Wusong subway corridor, the love wall of the same heart, the haha mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror, the mirror,Fun sculptures in the business district.

In addition, the project invites different types of singers and street performers to perform on -site performances, not only creating a good shopping atmosphere for consumers, but also providing amateur singers with room to show their own space.

At the same time, in order to promote the high -quality development of commercial pedestrian streets, Beijing specially formulated guidance.The goal is that by 2025, at least one high -quality pedestrian street will be created in each district to form a distinctive pattern.Measures include strengthening the planning layout, optimizing the allocation of formats, improving traffic organizations, beautifying the environment, improving public facilities, accelerating intelligent construction and innovative governance models.The government will increase policy support, encourage brandization, characteristicization and international development, and strengthen supervision and services.Through the evaluation mechanism, ensure the implementation of the task, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of commercial pedestrian streets.

As a comprehensive landmark that integrates culture, business, tourism, and sports, Huaxi Live · Wusong has made positive contributions to Beijing’s economic growth and cultural heritage to a certain extent.Its unique business model and innovative consumer experience have attracted a large number of tourists and consumers, driving the development of surrounding business, driving employment growth, and promoting the economic development of the city.

In the related planning of Beijing to build an international consumer center city, the requirements and expectations of cultural and business travel projects are very clear and high.Such projects are regarded as an important engine to promote urban economic development and enhance the international influence of the city.For Huaxi Live Wusong, it is still necessary to dig deep into the local cultural characteristics. By hosting various cultural activities, exhibitions and performances, it should attract domestic and foreign tourists and consumers, and enhance the cultural soft power of the city.