German Men’s Basketball Team Wins Championship Schroeder: Team Effort Makes History
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German Men’s Basketball Team Wins Championship Schroeder: Team Effort Makes History

The German men’s basketball team defeated Serbia 83-77 in the final of the 2023 Basketball World Cup to win the team’s first-ever World Cup title. Speaking at the post-game press conference, German men’s basketball team captain Schröder said it was incredible that the team won the title with eight wins, thanks to the efforts of the entire team.

Schroeder said: “The coach has brought the players together and everyone has contributed. To get the gold medal with 8 wins and 0 losses is incredible and it’s an honor to share this moment with the team.”

In the game, Germany managed to limit their opponents in the third quarter, holding Serbia to just 10 points in one quarter. Schroeder credited his team’s defense in the third quarter as the key to the win.

“Coach admonished us at halftime to tighten up our defense and took pride in that, and then we tightened up on the defensive end and that’s how we won the game.”

On the night, Schroeder contributed a game-high 28 points and was honored with the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award after averaging 19.1 points and 6.1 assists per game, making him only the second German player after Dirk Nowitzki to win the award. Schroeder said he was honored to carry on the accomplishments of his predecessor, but that the win was a credit to the entire team.

“Dirk is one of the best power forwards of all time, he changed the game and I’m honored to have been teammates with him in 2015 and to have played in the European Championships together, I have a lot of respect for him.” Schroeder said, “But credit to everyone for this result. We enjoyed the game, we enjoyed the training, we enjoyed every moment here, we showed the highest level of athleticism and wrote history.”

Reflecting on the championship win, Schroeder said the team set the goal of winning the title during the group stage.

“We were playing the group stage in Okinawa and the whole team had a meeting.” Schroeder recalled, “Coach asked us what our goal was this year and I said I wanted to win the gold medal.”

German Men’s Basketball Team Wins Championship Schroeder: Team Effort Makes History

Schroeder said, “My teammates and I agreed at that time because I was confident in the way we played, our defense. Our teamwork, the way we played defense was outstanding.”

Schroeder hopes that the win will further promote German basketball and raise the profile of the sport in Germany.

“The Basketball World Cup can only be televised in Germany if the final is played.” Schroeder said, “I hope that in the future, when we play the European Cup, or when we play the Olympics next year, every game will be televised in Germany.”

Schroeder said that 10 years ago, basketball was not a popular sport in Germany, people only know that there is Nowitzki. In the past few years as the German team has progressed, they have traveled all over the world for tournaments and found that many people recognize them and acknowledge their contribution to the national team.

Schroeder said, “I hope that our efforts over the last few years will be respected.”

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