In 2024, the Xuhui Citizen Sports Festival is coming!Easy GET "Home Door" sports event
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In 2024, the Xuhui Citizen Sports Festival is coming!Easy GET "Home Door" sports event

On March 30, Xujiahui Sports Park was full of people. Outdoor yoga, rugby teaching, basketball game, tennis game, darts throwing … all kinds of activities were all available, which attracted many citizens to participate and watch.In recent years, Xuhui District has deeply implemented the concept of people’s city, fully implemented the national fitness national strategy, and actively created the “15 -minute community sports living circle”.Xu Hui’s residents can experience a wonderful sports event at the “door”.

In order to build a national fitness public service system that is compatible with regional economic and social development, comprehensive coverage, abundant supply, and efficient service, Xuhui District actively targets the overall requirements of “building a new Xuhui and Entrusted New journey” to create a model of national sports fitness model modelsAs an opportunity, the construction of the “15 -minute community sports living circle” is used as a key task.Through reasonable planning of sports facilities and optimizing the allocation of sports resources, residents can easily enjoy convenient sports services at their doorsteps.

This year, the Xuhui Citizen Sports Festival has been newly launched to create a sports activity platform that allows citizens to touch and can reach.Whether young people or elderly people, whether they are sports lovers or beginners, they can find sports that are suitable for themselves to gain health and happiness.At the same time, Xuhui District also pays attention to improving the citizens’ awareness and participation of national fitness. It promotes fitness knowledge through various channels, organizes colorful sports activities to allow more people to participate in the ranks of national fitness.

On March 5th, Xuhui District released the promotional slogan of the publicity and fitness model area of Xuhui District through the “Sports Sports” public account. Once the tweets were issued, the enthusiastic people across the country were actively and suggestions.As of the end, a total of 817 submissions were received.In the end, through layers of screening, six excellent slogans were successfully shortlisted.At the opening ceremony, a finalist awards ceremony was held. The relevant person in charge of the Xuhui District Sports Bureau and the final award -winning citizen Ju Jiahui jointly revealed the slogan- “Xu Yueyong, Hui Fitness, Models, and Create the Future”.”Inspired by Tibetan head poems, it generally expresses Xuhui citizens’ attention and love for national fitness.

Xuhui District also actively participated in the organization of the Fourth Citizens Games in Shanghai.At the ceremony, the establishment ceremony of the Xuhui District delegation was held, marking the official opening of the work of Xuhui District’s participation in the Shanghai Citizen Games.Xuhui District will help the citizen sports meeting by hosting various national fitness events, while attracting more citizens to participate and feel the charm of sports together.

In the carnival experience area, competitions and experiences of various sports projects are also in full swing.On the 3V3 basketball court, the athletes cooperated with the tacit understanding to fight for fierce competition; on the football field, the players were brave and courageous, struggling to grab; the darts competition, the participants held their breath and throw it accurately; on the Piccorca field, the players sweated and showed.Very high level of competition.These activities not only made citizens feel the fun and challenges of sports in person, but also allowed them to understand the charm and characteristics of various sports projects more deeply.

The national fitness team of different ages also showed their style and vitality at the carnival.Whether it is a youthful young team or a spiritual middle -aged and elderly team, they have won applause from the audience with full enthusiasm and superb skills.The display of these teams not only shows the extensive participation and deep heritage of the national fitness in Xuhui District, but also inspire more citizens to participate in the ranks of national fitness.

In 2024, the opening ceremony of China’s coordinates · Shanghai Xuhui City Orientation Outdoor Challenge was also carried out simultaneously.At the event site, nearly a thousand athletes were wearing unified sportswear and shaken.

The point design of this event is unique and ingenious, and cleverly integrates the popular venues in the Xuhui area, the “life box” around the citizens, the historic history area, the red landmark, and the large courtyard.Participants shuttle between these points, not only challenging themselves through exercise, but also in depth to understand the charm and cultural heritage of Xuhui District.They either run in the bustling commercial neighborhood and feel the pulse of the city; or go through the ancient streets and taste the thickness of history; or stop before the red landmark to remember the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs.

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