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It’s about "money bags" alert these financial fraud

Original title: Do not order unknown links, keep personal financial information … (Title)

It’s about “money bags” alert these financial fraud (theme)

Reporter Shen Ting

Do you directly delete or open it if you receive a strange link?Moving your fingers to make money, is you excited or decisively refused … These questions may have flashed in your mind.Recently, a financial consumer rights and interest education promotional activities with the theme of “financial consumer protection protection risks” are held in the urban area.The event was organized by the National Financial Supervision and Administration Administration of the State Administration of Finance and Administration, the People’s Bank of China Jiaxing Branch, and the Jiaxing Public Security Bureau.

Many financial scams

Also need to be “alarm bell”

In the Internet era, financial fraud has emerged endlessly, and the phenomenon of “random investment”, young people’s “random loans”, and “chaotic faith” of the elderly, and the new citizens have seriously violated the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers.

Not long ago, Grandma Zhang received a call from a well -known wealth management institution. The agency claimed to provide high -yield and low -risk wealth management products, and stated that they could enjoy this treatment only through their institution.Grandma Zhang believed the other party and saved all the savings into the agency. After the agreed period, he did not receive a return. When he rushed to the agency, he had been empty.

The youth groups were not spared.Xiaoli, a student in our city, wanted to buy the latest mobile phone, found a company’s online loan platform through group advertising, and provided a 5,000 yuan loan after providing relevant information.Because Xiao Li was unable to return the loan on schedule, the interest was getting higher and higher. In just 6 months, loans increased to hundreds of thousands of yuan. The intimidation letter appeared at home successively. In the end, Xiao Li chose to call the police.

In addition, new citizens are one of the groups that are easily deceived.Mr. Zhang, a new citizen, received a phone call that claimed to be the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The other party said that the foreign population could receive employment or entrepreneurial subsidies and asked him to provide bank cards and ID information to register.I informed the other party.Later, he found that his bank account was stolen and suffered heavy losses.

In the face of this situation, the Jiaxing Supervision Branch of the State Administration of Finance and Administration of the State Administration of Finance and Administration proposes important reminders that the elderly are particularly beware of false wealth management institutions, do not trust false advertising, do not be seduced by the high yields claimed by the product, and do not leak personal financial information at will;Young people should be vigilant, use personal identity information carefully, and enhance the awareness of prevention. Once they are deceived, they must tell their families in time and report to the police; new citizen groups should strengthen information protection awareness in the face of personal information stealing traps. Do not disclose personal financial information to others at will, Property status, etc., do not order unknown links, avoid cyber fraud.

Entering key areas

Improve financial knowledge radiation surface

“This uncle, you can experience our financial anti -fraud game when you have time” “Grandma, if a stranger calls you to make money, you must pay more attention and communicate with your children.”At the event site, the publicity volunteers of the major bank insurance institutions enthusiastically explained the small knowledge of financial knowledge to residents and reminded them to be alert to financial fraud.

Through various forms such as anti -fraud publicity materials, game interaction, and knowledge compete, the event combines financial knowledge with interactive games, and conveys financial power in entertainment.For example, Heshicheng Rural Commercial Bank set up a game of “get off the egg liar”. The Agricultural Bank of China Jiaxing Branch has set up a small pot game to attract many citizens and friends to participate.

It is reported that this financial consumer rights protection education and publicity activities are carried out simultaneously in Jiashan Intime Department Store, Pinghu Bai Bai, Haining People’s Square, Haiyan Moral Plaza, and Tongxiang Wanjia Center, creating a strong atmosphere of financial security knowledge in the city.