Jiangsu released eight measures to promote the recovery and development of entry tourism
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Jiangsu released eight measures to promote the recovery and development of entry tourism

At present, as my country has gradually liberalized all entry restrictions related to epidemic conditions, especially the scope of visa -free countries and regions has been further expanded, the entry tourism market is entering a comprehensive restart and accelerating the recovery channel.

On April 2nd, in order to welcome more world friends to come to the “Shuiyun Jiangsu” experience tour, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office, the People’s Bank of China Jiangsu Branch, formulated and launched “Jiangsu Province Promoting Entry EntrySeveral measures for tourism restoration “(hereinafter referred to as” Several Measures “) are officially released.

Statistics of the Entry -Exit Authority of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department show that in 2023 Jiangsu’s receiving inbound entry tourists increased by nearly 200%year -on -year, but the recovery rate was 36%compared with 2019, which was far lower than the 88%international tourism announced by the World Tourism Organization.The level of recovery.The fundamental purpose of launching “Several Measures” is to gradually solve the difficulties and concerns of tourists’ entry into the country through accurate efforts, promote the recovery and development of the entry tourism market, and promote the virtuous dual cycle of the province’s tourism economy and international and domestic domestic and domestic nicknames.

“Several measures” focuses on the concerns of overseas tourists, focusing on the problem of blocking points on the restoration of immigration travel, focusing on improving the level of tourism services, and put forward 8 specific measures, focusing on solving entry tourists to obtain Jiangsu tourist information channels and incomplete payment.Popular Cultural Tourism venues have difficulty reservations, poor language exchanges, and travel line products are not adapted to new demand- and other issues-

Establish a service platform for the first entry tourists.The “Shuiyun Jiangsu” Tourism Consultation Service Center is set up at Nanjing Lukou International Airport. In conjunction with relevant departments, “one -stop” services such as tourist consultation, online appointment, tour guide guides, mobile payment, foreign currency exchange, mobile card application, etc.EssenceEncourage and support regional provinces to set up tourism service centers at airports and high -speed rail stations.

Open an entry tourist online consultation service area.On the Jiangsu Tourism Foreign Language Website and overseas social media, set up an inbound tourism consulting service area, release inbound tourism line products, provide Jiangsu tourism service guidelines, and accept online consultation with tourists.

Improve the internationalization level of civil tourism venues.Promote the construction of multi -language websites and entry tourists online English appointment zones, improve the multi -language guideline logo system, establish artificial service windows, allocate foreign language volunteer service personnel, and provide multi -language explanations and guide services.

Optimize entry tourism payment environment.In the national 4A -level tourist attractions, tourist restaurants above the four -star level, tourist resort at or above the provincial level, tourist and leisure district, night culture and tourism consumption agglomeration, and key libraries, museums, art museums and other cultural venues, improve mobile paymentThe software and hardware facilities required for bank cards, cash, etc., improve the convenience of paying for overseas tourists at key cultural tourism venues.

Develop inbound tourism boutique line products.Docking with overseas tourists, especially young people’s tourism needs, and launching the theme of gardens, canals, food, non -heritage, ecology, museums and other special products, developed special products such as business tourism, youth research tourism.

Provide precision tourism products and services.Strengthen cooperation with e -commerce platforms, focus on overseas tourists and foreigners in China as key service groups, go to Jiangsu tourism products, release travel strategies, and recommend popular routes.Invite overseas travelers, media and tourists to Jiangsu to inspect and step on the line to effectively connect the overseas target markets and tourists.

Encourage travel agencies to expand overseas markets.Support key tourism enterprises in the province to carry out inbound tourism promotion activities, participate in important international tourism exhibitions, and strengthen cooperation with overseas travelers.Encourage and support travel agencies to organize foreigners and overseas tourists travel to Jiangsu.

Improve the quality of entry tourism services.Strengthen the supervision of key cultural travel venues and operating units, standardize the business behavior of market entities, respond to the demands of entry tourists in a timely manner, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of entry tourists, and continue to improve the satisfaction of entry tourism.

The relevant person in charge of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Literature and Culture stated that in the next step, the relevant departments will jointly promote the implementation of the “Several Measures”, especially in terms of tourism consulting services, payment facilitation improvement, entry tourism guidelines, and multi -language services.Settle the concerns of entry tourists one by one.

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