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Mentougou District Urban Management Committee strengthens the environmental improvement of the mountains and builds a good travel environment

  The weather is warmer, and the number of outdoor sports audiences such as cycling and hiking in Mentougou areas have increased.In order to build a good travel environment, the District Urban Management Commission actively carried out the environmental improvement work of the mountainous area and created a good travel environment.

  The first is to increase environmental governance along National Highway 109.Concentrate the accumulation of garbage and roads, check the problems such as tilt, damage, uncleanness and other problems of the bus stop facilities along the way, strictly investigate the behavior of tourism on both sides of the road, and ensure that the environment along the route is clean and orderly.Since the beginning of this week, there have been 11 garbage and 5 roads, 5 roads around the road, 8 trash cans around the bus stop, and 9 small advertisements for public transport stations.

  The second is to strengthen the control of garbage dumps.According to the current status of the management of the garbage dump point, the garbage dumps are adjusted to the top accounts in a timely manner to further expand the scope of control.On the basis of conducting inspections every week, urge relevant territories to do a good job in the management of key points in the jurisdiction, and make every effort to prevent the breeding and environmental degradation of mosquitoes and flies caused by garbage accumulation.

  The third is to increase environmental governance around the scenic area.Around cultural tourism areas such as Beiling Cultural and Leisure Tourism Area, Baihua Mountain -Lingshan Natural Ecological Tourism Area, organize a special rectification operation of white garbage, and pull the netClean up and continue to improve the environment around the scenic area.