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Multiple measures and write good articles "Pension Finance"

  In recent years, the CCB Jiangxi Branch has focused on increasingly diversified pension financial needs, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, continuously improved the comprehensive service system for the elderly, continuously enriched the supply of pension financial product services, and wrote a lot of articles on the characteristics of “pension finance”.Essence

  Strengthen financial supply to help “grow old”

  With the gradually emergence of diversified and personalized elderly care services, the pension service industry has ushered in new opportunities for development.The branch provides credit support for the local pension industry, and further facilitates the pension and carelessly.

  The Kangbu Innovation Project located in Ruichang, Jiujiang is a comprehensive pension community combining medical care and a key livelihood project in the city.The project integrates the three forms of institutions, communities, and home care for the elderly to achieve integrated operations and provide the elderly with the entire process, multi -level, diversified health care service.

  ”Ruichang’s local pension institutions are very scarce, and most of the houses have hidden safety hazards. The existing facilities cannot meet the needs of residents’ pensions.” The person in charge of the project said.

  Ruichang Kangyang Integrity Construction Project was renovated by Ruichang City Community Pension Center, Saihu Kanglie Center Construction Project, Kangyang Smart Management Integrated System Construction Project and Kangyang Facilities, Power Supply System, Drainage System, Environmental Protection, Environmental ProtectionComposition of public supporting projects such as facilities.The total construction area of the project renovation is 19,762 square meters, and the total construction area of the new building is 12622.9 square meters. It is expected that 857 beds will be added. However, the project construction and reconstruction need to invest a lot of funds.

  Since the construction of the project, the overall project has been promoted slowly due to factors such as the process of land certificates for a long process and other factors.After being informed by the CCB Jiujiang Branch, it immediately docked with the project developer Ruichang Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. to understand the needs of customer funds and provided a credit of 200 million yuan in credit.At present, according to the project progress, it has invested 110 million yuan loan to provide “source living water” for the healthy development of the elderly service agencies.

  ”It is estimated that by 2025, the construction rate of the pension service center of the township (street) level will reach 60%, which will complement the functions of the community pension service agency.We are more confident in the project’s subsequent construction and renovation. “The person in charge of the project likes the efficient service of CCB.

  The service system construction guarantee “old -fashioned”

  ”Ding!” With a crisp text message reminder, Aunt Chen, who lived in Nanchang, Jiangxi, took less than 1 minute before and after, successfully completed the personal pension account.

  ”I will retire in a few years, and I feel that the business of personal pensions is good.” In Nanchang Eighth Road Sub -branch, Aunt Chen, who came to handle the personal pension business, laughed and said, “After the rechargeLeave a guarantee for your retirement and enjoy tax discounts, so I went to CCB outlets to handle it today. I did not expect that under the guidance of the customer manager, it will be done so soon. “

  It is understood that since Nanchang was selected in the first batch of pilot cities in China, the branch set up a personal pension account expansion and promotion group for the first time, clarified the division of responsibilities, strengthened the coordination of overall planning, and promoted the implementation of pension finance strategies.Various channels such as business outlets provide all -round pension financial services such as account opening, fund payments, and pension products for customers. Personal pension business has achieved good development.As of now, the branch of the branch has a cumulative pension of 211,500 households, with a fee of 134,000, and the total payment amount exceeds 100 million yuan.

  Optimize the old service to achieve “old enjoyment”

  Recently, a middle -aged man took an old man standing at the door of the Longnan Sub -branch of Ganzhou, facing the steps and glass doors outside the business hall.The lobby manager noticed this situation keenly, and enthusiastically stepped forward to ask his needs.

  It turned out that the old man was a resident who lived near the outlet. His social security card has not been activated, and his age cannot be entrusted. Today, he deliberately allows his son to accompany the card to activate the card.However, due to the inconvenience of the legs and feet, the steps of the outlets could not be taken, and they had to be discouraged.

  After understanding the situation, the lobby manager hurriedly took out the wheelchair of the “worker’s harbor”, supported him on the wheelchair with security personnel, and entered the outlet from the barrier -free channel.At the same time, the sub -branch immediately launched the service window of the elderly to achieve special affairs office.

  With the successful social security card, the elderly thank the staff very happily, “Your service is so good, I am very patient with the elderly, thank you very much!”

  This is a microcosm of the branches to do a good job of old -fashioned services.In recent years, branches have adhered to the concept of opening up and sharing, using service outlets as the establishment of “workers’ harbor” to continuously enrich their service connotation, and make “workers harbor” into a public welfare brand with temperature, characteristic, and emotional.