Pidcock’s Tour de France Olympic double challenge
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Pidcock’s Tour de France Olympic double challenge

Tom Pidcock plans to compete in both the Tour de France and the cross-country mountain bike event at the 2024 Paris Olympics, despite the ambitious schedule.

The 24-year-old defending Olympic champion admits it will be a challenge to recover from the Tour in time for the mountain bike race, which takes place just eight days later.

Tom Pidcock wants to ride both the Tour de France and the cross-country mountain bike event at Paris 2024 next year but admits “it’s not going to be easy”.

In what is shaping up to be an extremely busy summer for the 24-year-old, Pidcock wants to take part in both events despite just eight days separating the final stage of the Tour and the race in Paris.

Pidcock is the defending Olympic champion in cross-country mountain biking after triumphing in Tokyo in 2021.

“Next year, I want to go and defend my title at the Olympics, but I also need as many points as I can get,” Pidcock told Red Bull’s Just Ride podcast.

“But also I’ve got to balance that with the team, and they need me or want me at the Tour, so I have to be there and at my best at the Tour, and I have eight days between the end of the Tour and the Olympics.

“It’s going to be on the limit, it’s not going to be easy, but I’m giving myself the best chance.”

Pidcock hopes the points gained in the final round of racing at the MTB World Cup in Canada helps better prepare him for next summer’s schedule.

Pidcock’s Tour de France Olympic double challenge

He continued: “Doing these races now at the end of this year sets me up better for next year, because it means that I don’t have to go to the mountain bike races in the spring, which means I’ll have a longer prep for the Tour, which means hopefully I should come out of the Tour in a better condition and cope with it better, meaning that in eight days I can be ready.”

But Pidcock has reaffirmed that his priority remains road racing and giving his best for his team Ineos Grenadiers.

“I’m a road rider, but I’m better at cross and mountain biking,” he joked.

“I ride for a road team, so the priority for them – and also me, to be honest – is the road.

“In mountain biking, especially during the World Cups in April, I enjoy the change of pace from road racing. The atmosphere is more relaxed, and I can just focus on enjoying the ride.”

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