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Promote the spiritual construction of educators to build a high -quality professional teacher team

■ Vigorously promote the spirit of educators · Talk

In September 2023, the General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership first proposed the spirit of Chinese educators for the first time, and made a deep explanation from six aspects from six aspects of ideals and beliefs, moral sentiment, wisdom of educating people, attitudes of cultivation, benevolence, and pursuing the pursuit of love.The lofty mission of people’s teachers has pointed out the direction of the progress of the teacher team in the new era and provided a fundamental follow.

Jiangsu has always been in Chongwen and re -education, famous masters, and Tao Xingzhi, Huang Yanpei, Chen Heqin, Sixia and many other educational masters’ diligent and dedicated dedication spirit, and the role models of bowing.Important source.Entering the new era, the construction of the Jiangsu teacher team has developed a lot. There are more than one million full -time teachers. The level of teacher academic qualifications and the continuous improvement of education and teaching quality have continued to improve.54 “Team of Huangda Nian -style Teacher in the National College”.In the 2022 national teaching achievement evaluation, Jiangsu awarded 206 items, accounting for 10.3 % of the country, ranking first in the country, and achieved full coverage of basic education, vocational education, and national teaching achievements of higher education.

The General Secretary deeply cares and eagerly looking forward to Jiangsu education, and puts forward major requirements such as “the education of the people is satisfied with” and “cultivating young people into children with ‘four self -confidence'”.Teachers are the origin of teaching and teaching.Jiangsu will keep in mind the important instructions of the General Secretary on vigorously promoting the spirit of the educator, and put the teachers’ team construction in Jiangsu’s economic and social development overall situation and the overall construction of education.Teachers enhance the sense of historical mission of “building a strong country, what is education”, and inspire teachers in the province to become the “Mr. Big” who are students to learn, affairs, and people.Provide strong support in the construction of education strong power.

The first is to highlight the first priority.The General Secretary puts the “ideal and belief that has a big self and be sincere to the country,” the first place in the spiritual connotation of the educator.Promoting and practicing the spirit of educators, Jiangsu has unaware that he adheres to the direction of socialist school running, always leads the politics of teachers, and promotes the decisive significance of the province’s deep understanding of the “two establishment”, enhance the “four consciousness”, Firmly “four self -confidence”, “two maintenance”, “the big of the country”, keep in mind the mission of being a party to educate people and the talents of national education, and run the fundamental task of Lideshu through the whole process of teaching people.Cultivate the socialist builders and successors who have developed the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor, and make more useful and heavy -duty pillar materials.

The second is to adhere to the first standard for morality and morality.The General Secretary emphasized that “the professional characteristics of teachers determine that teachers must be moral and noble people.”Promoting and practicing the spirit of educators, Jiangsu insisted on taking the style of teachers and morals as the first criterion for evaluating the quality of the teacher.Personal charm and noble morality affect students.Implement the ten guidelines for the professional behavior of teachers in the new era, inquiry inquiry and employment prohibition system, and take the lead in formulating the “Implementation Rules for the Handling of Teachers ‘Morality Lost Behavior” nationwide to promote the normalization, standardization, and rule of law of the construction of teachers’ morality.Inheriting the spirit of the older generation of Jiangsu educators such as Tao Xingzhi, the spirit of “holding a heart and without half of the grass”, and continued to carry out advanced typical publicity such as “Jiangsu Teachers’ Annual Persons” and “Four Good Teachers Teams”.Guide the majority of teachers to practice “the benevolence of love and love, willingness to dedicate”.

The third is to pay close attention to the first ability to educate books.“Qi Zhi” is the basic responsibility of teachers, and “Runxin” is a unique manifestation of education and educational functions.Promoting and practicing the spirit of educators, Jiangsu adheres to the major positioning of “high -quality professionalism”, adheres to the training of teachers’ pre -post and post -post, and continuously improves the ability of teachers to enlighten his mind and teach according to his aptitude.Promote teachers ‘colleges and universities to focus on the main business, encourage and support high -level comprehensive universities to organize teachers’ education, so that excellent people can cultivate better people.Implement in -depth implementation of the training plan for famous primary and secondary school teachers and principals in the new era, build a professional development support system for provincial, city, county, and schools, promote the continuous sublimation of education concepts, innovative teaching methods, respecting students’ personality, and strive to allow each student to make each studentThere are opportunities for life.

The fourth is to cultivate the first resource of gathering talents.When the General Secretary participated in the review of the Jiangsu delegation during this year’s two conferences, he requested Jiangsu to deepen the reform of the scientific and technological system, education system, and talent system, and use the blockbuster to restrain the development of new productivity.Promoting and practicing the spirit of educators, Jiangsu adheres to the advancement of education, science and technology, and talents, gives play to the role of higher education leaders, and work hard to cultivate up and down in talent introduction.Focusing on the upgrading of traditional industries, the growth of emerging industries, and the cultivation of future industries, support the construction of outstanding engineers and innovation research institutes, focus on cultivating young scientists and outstanding engineers, and provide talent support for the development of new productive productivity.Continue to improve the high -level talent leisure and retaining mechanism of colleges and universities such as the “Yangtze River Scholars Reward Program” and “Jiangsu Special Professor Plan”, and use it with the spirit of “the world and culture” with the spirit of the world.Elements, better use Jiangsu’s radiation band power for regional and even the country.

Fifth, to activate the first motivation to deepen reform.Promoting and practicing the spirit of educators requires scientific evaluation, adequate guarantee and loose environment.Jiangsu adheres to the optimization of teachers’ management and resource allocation, increases treatment guarantee, helps outstanding teachers to grow into educators, and create a strong atmosphere of respecting teachers in the society.Promote the reform of the compulsory education teacher team “county management” reform, and support colleges and universities to adopt a diversified employment method according to law.Continue to deepen the reform of educational evaluation, resolutely break the “five uniforms”, and form a distinctive orientation of focusing on ability, actual performance and contribution.Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of teachers, reduce the burden on teachers in primary and secondary schools, support teachers actively discipline, and maintain the dignity of the teacher.Improve the long -term linkage mechanism of teachers’ wages during the compulsory education stage, and attract more outstanding talents to teach and teach for a long time.