"She moves" hot, yoga pants burst fire
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"She moves" hot, yoga pants burst fire

“She moves” hot, yoga pants burst fire
Pay attention to health and beauty, female sports consumption heating up
In a store in Changsha, citizens are buying yoga pants.
Huasheng Online April 2 News The weather gradually recovered, and people’s sports blood began to wake up.Among many sports products, yoga pants have become popular items and have been favored by many girls.
Why do yoga pants burst into fire? On April 2, a reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily visited and found that since the spring, the sales of yoga pants have risen sharply, and merchants have combined the market and improved their styles.
Yoga pants are hot, and hundreds of a day can be sold
In recent years, yoga pants are no longer limited to yoga exercises, but are used in indoors, running, flying, cycling, and boxing.Because of this, this single product quickly became popular.
“The fitness version of the yoga pants highlights the muscle lines compared to the daily models. The fabric is harder, but the breathability is very good. After sweating, it is very suitable for people who exercise sweat.”Different strengths, yoga pants can also be divided into low -intensity coverage and high -intensity coverage. Among them, Zenvy low -intensity covering the middle waist nine -point price is 799 yuan, and the high -waisted full -length model is 479 yuan. In recent days, it will be sold in recent days.Thirty -four articles.
In addition to the yoga pants of the previous pure sports, the merchants also launched more daily styles this year.In the Lululemon store in May 1st, there is a wall displayed in yoga pants.The shop clerk introduced: “Recently, this kind of pants have been sold very well, and hundreds of them can be sold next day. The daily versions of the fabrics are more skin -friendly and more loose than the fitness version.Models, long models, and more fashionable high -waisted micro -laids yoga pants. “
“The high -waisted micro -sale is more highlighted and can be worn everyday. Most customers will buy this style.” The clerk added.
Pay attention to health and beauty, female sports consumption heating up
The popularity of yoga pants has made merchants in production related products find a new blue ocean.
Flying Gua data shows that on the Douyin platform, a yoga pants product at the top of the “Sports Health” category list once set an amazing performance of 108,000 sales in 30 days, achieving sales of about 7.915 million yuan.Interest marketing content such as yoga pants “wild with goods” and “tens of thousands of things under yoga pants” spread widely on the platform.
“Movement has gradually become an important part of women’s life. Some consumers buy yoga pants to shape the body curve through yoga exercises. Other consumers say that buying yoga pants is out of love for sports, because sports can make movements allow themPeople release their body and mind and establish self -confidence. “Ms. Zhou, who has been engaged in the ten -year clothing business.
Ms. Zhou believes that with the rise of “her economy”, the rise of women’s spending power, especially in the field of fitness and fashion, has promoted the rapid development of the yoga pants market.Female consumers are pursuing health, and they also pay attention to the fashion and personalization of clothing. Yoga pants meet this needs with their comfort and fashion appearance.In addition, the emergence of emerging brands in the market has also provided more choices for consumers, promoting market competition and product innovation.
■ All media reporter Bu Lan correspondent Li Xinyi Xu Xinrui
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