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Special Action for the "Sanqing and Three Governance" of the community environment in Xigu District, Lanzhou City

The environmental improvement work of the community environment, especially the old community, is an important part of consolidating the results of the national civilized city. It is an important starting point for practicing the creation of the concept of benefiting the people and benefiting the people.Old communities in the jurisdiction of Heshui Middle Road community in Xigu District, Lanzhou City, especially the “three regardless of” communities, have a large number of districts, old infrastructure, many sanitary and dead corners, and there are many disorderly stopping phenomena, and it is difficult to clean up and rectify.The community of Heshui Middle Road, Xigu District, Lanzhou actively responded to the requirements of the superior departments, and widely launched a special action of the “Sanqing and Sanzhi” in the community environment in the entire area.The purpose of this special action is to thoroughly excavate and rectify the problems of old houses, no management communities, and open communities in the community. By improving the environmental sanitation of the community, the quality of life and happiness of residents will be improved.

The “Sanqing” action aims to solve the phenomenon of random stacking, scratching and random downside in the community.The small advertisements are replaced at the same time to replace the unbearable public welfare advertisements with poor timeliness, and improve the quality of public welfare publicity advertising in the community.In order to achieve this goal, the operation will fully clean up the random spraying, coating, and small advertisements on the corridor, walls, grounds, doors and windows, boxes, and other buildings to ensure that the environment in the community is neat and beautiful.In addition, the operation will also fully investigate the sanitary dead corners such as the front and the back of the house, the public green space, etc., to ensure that the no garbage is scattered, the sewage is overflowing, and the trash can is classified to keep it clean and tidy.Through this “Sanqing” operation, the environment in the community will be fully improved. The phenomenon of random stacking, random painting, and chaotic fall will be effectively controlled, and the quality of public welfare publicity advertising in the community will also be improved.We believe that with the joint efforts of all residents, the community will become more beautiful and livable.

The main content of the “Three Governance” operation is to rectify the phenomenon of non -motorized vehicle chaos, pursuing planting, and private pulling.Perseverance of the operating phenomenon of the community and surroundings, and regularly clean up the non -motorized vehicles that seriously affect the travel of residents or block fire channels.Resolutely rectify the uncivilized behavior of destroying the greening of the community, and resolutely stop the processing behavior of steak.Clean up the phenomenon of private pulling wires in the community and charging of flying wires in a timely manner.

The community has effectively improved the appearance of old communities by organizing grid staff, properties, merchants, and students in school.With the continuous deepening of the action, the electric vehicles parked in the unit door all year round are gone, and the abolished carton and debris in the corridor have decreased. The sewage pipes blocked all the year round have dredged, and the green space has also glowed with refreshing and vitality, and the road is even more bright.