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Sports becomes a new lifestyle this year will usher in a veritable sports year

In 2024, as a well -deserved sports year, the wind of sports rose again, and it became more and more “tide”.

The prevalence of the wind of sports, on the one hand, is gradually deepening from the public’s awareness of sports.Sports carry multiple values such as strengthening fitness, emotional healing, and attitude, which profoundly affects people’s social behavior, life concepts, and consumption claims.In accordance with the transformation of the public’s concept, the sports infrastructure and related supplies are becoming more diverse and trendy, providing a carrier for people to participate in the wind of movement.On the other hand, various sports events represented by the Olympic Games in 2024 are densely distributed throughout the year. The government work report released in March has also deployed “promoting extensive development of national fitness activities” and “actively cultivating sports events such as sports events”.Series focus.

The online platform becomes back to the backbone

Last year, a social platform sports search volume increased by 37% year -on -year

With its high -quality sports content, some platforms have become the backbone of the public to obtain sports information and grass -planting sports products in online channels.

In 2023, the number of sports related content on a social platform increased by 37%year -on -year.Many people are not satisfied with “onlookers” and are actively engaged in sports creation boom. In 2023, a platform for sports videos averaged more than 80 million. By the end of 2023, the number of sports content creators increased by 34%year -on -year.Various creators such as professional athletes, sports brands, sports self -media and other types have gradually constituted the rich sports content ecosystem of these platforms, providing “new choices” for brand sports marketing.

Sports covers full -age users

18-23 years old TGI is as high as 149

As a national -level application, many online platforms have attracted many heavy sports fans and pan -sports enthusiasts to balance users of different gender and all -year -olds.

Data show that female users on some platforms also show high interest in sports. The nature of young people “active” makes them present a high degree of preference for sports content.The strong or weak index) is as high as 149, which is a “new power” in the future.In addition, users with third -tier and below are relatively high, showing huge growth potential.From the perspective of content preferences, sports interest users love moving, eating, playing, and enjoying life.

The scale of Chinese sports is on the rise

By 2022, the whole year of sports exceeds 3.3 trillion

The overall scale of China’s sports industry is on the rise.

By 2022, the size of the sports industry over the year exceeded 3.3 trillion yuan. The high -speed development of the domestic sports industry construction has driven the enthusiasm of sports sports and continues to rise. On the one hand, nationals have more sports venues.2.89 square meters, a significant improvement from 2020: On the other hand, the people also love to participate in physical exercise. Sports are gradually becoming a pioneering lifestyle for nationals.2024 is the critical year of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” plan. “The Hot Spot of the Mass Sports Work in 2024” proposes to promote the equalization of fitness venues this year, increase the promotion and popularization of the “three big goals” and ice and snow projects.National sports enthusiasm.

Sports big year drive offline travel derivative consumption

The Tokyo Olympics exceeded 800 million Chinese people watched CCTV live broadcast

In 2024, it will usher in a veritable sports year. The rhythm of the year is full of rhythm, covering various events such as football, volleyball, badminton, ice and snow sports, and racing.

In addition to deepening enthusiasts in sports, big events will also radiate to a wider audience online and offline.During the Tokyo Olympic Games, more than 800 million people watched live broadcasts on CCTV. The Hangzhou Asian Games also caused the online platform to “chase” the frenzy.Large -scale competitions will also drive offline consumption of offline cultural tourism and related equipment. During the 2022 World Cup, Qatar tourists surged, and the number of tourists soared by 229%month -on -month.Skateboarding and other products have shown considerable sales in Douyin e -commerce year -on -year; the Asian Games brings Hangzhou to Hangzhou’s GDP growth.

The niche movement becomes a good heart

More than 60%of women will participate in yoga dancing and so on

The niche movement is the “good heart” of young people in high -level cities, but under the influence of the warm atmosphere of sports, it is also rapidly radiating outward.

On the one hand, projects such as Perak Dance and Rock Climbing have entered the sports arena to become the “new generation” competitive project, entering a broader public vision; on the other hand, more niche sports and other niche sports popularity has continued to rise, and skiing, hip -hop and other campaigns continue to continueThe new pattern becomes “tide plus the tide”, such as “skiing starts to work together” and “Wu Yanni street dance show” and other hot spots have caused widespread discussion.Outside the field, women’s enthusiasm for sports and participating in sports is also getting higher and higher. Investigation shows that more than 60%of women will participate in sports such as yoga, dancing.