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Sprint in Paris Paralympic Hunan athletes prepare for four major competitions

Huasheng Online May 21 (All Media Reporter Sha Zhaohua) The Paris Paralympic Games will open on August 28.On the 20th, there are still 100 days before the Paris Paralympic Games, and the sprint is about to prepare.It is reported that 20 athletes (including 1 leader), 2 coaches, and 2 staff members in our province have been selected as the national training list of the Paralympic Games.The number of people selected is the most in the history of our province.
Looking back at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, 11 athletes in our province were expelled to participate in the competitions of track and field, shooting, and swimming projects.Yan, Zhou Xia, Shi Yiting, Jiang Fenfen, Yang Chao, Huang Xing, etc. show extraordinary gold winning strength.
At present, athletes in our province are participating in a unified national collection training.Everyone said that they will work hard, stubbornly work hard, and maintain a spirit of courage and upward spirit.
For the Paris Paralympic Games, the province’s veteran Wen Xiaoyan, Zhou Xia, Shi Yiting, Jiang Fenfen, Yang Chao, Huang Xing, Huang Xing, Huangye, and Huang Ye will continue to work on the traditional gold project, and in the blind, swimming, swimmingThere are also rookies in the project. Liu Li, Shi Yijie, Deng Jieqiu, Tang Qian, etc. have emerged in major competitions. They are extraordinary and worth looking forward to.
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