Stephen A. Smith Launches New Podcast Studio and Discusses Hot Topics
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Stephen A. Smith Launches New Podcast Studio and Discusses Hot Topics

Stephen A. Smith has officially launched his new state-of-the-art podcast studio, showcasing an elegant design that rivals those of major production companies. Over the past year, Smith’s YouTube channel has grown exponentially in subscribers, now exceeding 380,000.

In the first episode back on the revamped set, Smith delves into a variety of hot-button topics, including the ongoing controversy surrounding University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh, Jenny Bass’s unconventional marriage, Marlon Wayans’s supportive stance toward his transgender son, and Tristan Thompson’s infidelity with Khloe Kardashian.

Stephen A. Smith Launches New Podcast Studio and Discusses Hot Topics

Smith’s comments on Thompson’s recent apology to the Kardashians are particularly noteworthy. The ESPN analyst expressed disapproval of Thompson’s decision to publicly respond to personal issues, emphasizing the negative impact it could have on Thompson’s reputation and the Kardashian brand.

“Tristan Thompson, first of all, when you talk about ‘when I cheated,’ you’re just hurting yourself and embarrassing yourself,” Smith said on the podcast.” Do you really want to open up to the world about how you cheated? You make it sound like it happens every week. In other words, ‘when I cheat,’ do you know what that means? You didn’t say cheating.”

Smith further suggested that Thompson reconsider his behavior and emphasized the financial impact it had on both parties.” Smith noted, “The Kardashians make a lot of money.” You don’t. It’s not as lucrative as it used to be. So if someone should stop cheating, you might think that person should be you.

As Smith’s podcast continues to gain traction, his influence in sports and entertainment remains undeniable. His willingness to tackle controversial topics and offer unfiltered perspectives resonates with a wide range of listeners, making him one of the most recognizable figures in media today.

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