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The court also comes to the sugar and wine party to "set up"?Handling on the site of intellectual property disputes

  From March 20th to March 22, in response to the situation where intellectual property infringement cases in the field of sugar, wine and food are easy to occur, the Tianfu New District Court (Sichuan Free Trade Zone Court) and the Provincial Intellectual Property Protection Center, Tianfu New District Procuratorate (Sichuan Free Trade Zone (Sichuan Free Trade ZoneProcuratorate), the Cultural and Cultural and Cultural and Cultural Association Exhibition Bureau, and the Tianfu New District Public Security Branch set up a one -stop legal service center of Tianfu New District during the sugar and liquor club to carry out publicity activities for intellectual property laws.

  Here, the court can review the application for pre -acting of intellectual property rights on the spot and the application for intellectual property disputes to be filed. The emergency and eligible pre -litigation behavior preparation applications are accepted in a timely manner and made a decision.For intellectual property disputes such as trademarks and copyright infringement at the scene, mediation can also be carried out, and the source of complaints can be actively carried out. For a mediation agreement, judicial confirmation will be performed in a timely manner.

  In addition, the service center also answered questions such as fixed infringement evidence and preparation of litigation materials for merchants and consumers who came to consult, and further strengthened the awareness of the protection of merchants and consumer intellectual property rights.