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The Hong Kong Fashion Home Textile Exhibition and the Hong Kong Fashion Festival ending industry expects that sales in the next two years will rise in the next two years

On April 23, the Hong Kong Fashion Home Textiles and FASHION Fashion Festival (HOME Instyle) and the FASHION Fashion Festival (Hong Kong Trade and Development Bureau) were successfully concluded at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.The four -day exhibition period attracted a total of 100 countries and regions and about 24,000 buyers visiting and purchasing. Global buyers actively participated in sufficient to prove that Hong Kong is the capital of Asia.

Zhang Shufen, vice president of the Hong Kong Trade and Development Bureau, said: “This year’s conference held the Hong Kong Fashion Home Textile Exhibition and the Hong Kong Fashion Festival at the same time.Purchasing, such as the well -known fashion online shopping group Zalora, the Glop Studio of France, Carrefour in Turkey, Hometeka Do Brasil S/A in Brazil, Hyundai Department Store in South Korea, and the Mall Group in Thailand, etc., to create cross -domain business opportunities for the industry.The Bureau has been actively promoting the development of fashion life and creative industries, and will continue to host the fashion event Centrestage in September this year, the Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau Hong Kong Watch Exhibition and International Watch.Highlight Hong Kong’s position as the capital of Asian creativity. “

The survey shows that the industry’s expected sales will rise

The conference commissioned an independent investigation agency to visit about 740 exhibitors and buyers during the two exhibitions, and more than 60%(64%) interviewees believed that the overall sales of their products will rise in the next 12 to 24 months.

36%of the interviewees of home product exhibition believe that the biggest opportunities to operate this year to bring new business opportunities for e -commerce; 42%of the respondents at the fashion festival believe that the biggest opportunity is the recovery of consumption capacity.

In terms of product trends, interviewees of the Family Exhibition believe that kitchen utensils and tableware (22%) have the most increasing potential, while simple design (25%), smart home (24%), and environmental protection energy -saving products (22%) will be a great way this yearTrends trend.Interviewees of the Fashion Festival believe that leisure wear (35%) and women’s (33%) products have the most growth potential.

In terms of markets, interviewees in the family exhibition believe that the sales prospects of the Middle East (89%), Mainland China (79%) and ASEAN (76%) market are ideal, while the respondents of the Fashion Festival believe that Taiwan (75%) and LatinThe sales prospects of the Americas (74%) and ASEAN (72%) are ideal.

Home Textile Exhibition, Guangjian Merchant Network, open up a new market

The home textile exhibition and the fashion festival successfully attracted 17 countries and regions, covering emerging markets such as mainland China, ASEAN and the Middle East, and more than 2,200 exhibitors participated.The two exhibitions have always been close to the sustainable development of product trends and collected environmentally friendly products in various places. Among them, the home exhibition just responded to the effectiveness of “shaping” control measures to abandon tableware to help the industry procure alternatives.

The accompanying folding tableware set of Hong Kong Sustainable Life Co., Ltd. can replace the tableware, which is one of the focus products of the home textile exhibition.The exclusive distributor of Germany and the United Kingdom will book 10,000 units, with a total value of $ 136,500.”In addition, local buyers to negotiate with us” In addition, the first Saudi Arabia exhibitors Plastic Manufacturing House Coo, who participated in the exhibition, met buyers from South America, Canada, Europe, Morocco, the Philippines, Mainland China and Hong Kong.The family reached a transaction of 400,000 Hong Kong dollars ($ 51,000).

In terms of buyers, buyers from Indonesia Mulianingsih plans to purchase more than $ 400,000 of rubber boxes and glass food boxes.No need to focus on the distributors of Jakarta.A good arrangement, convenient for me to purchase fashion accessories at the same time. “

Global fashion buyers are present to actively purchase online platforms to promote communication

The Taiwan Cultural and Creative Development Association led five brands and two jewelry designers to participate in the Hong Kong Fashion Festival.Potential customers in Spain, Sweden, Vietnam and other places are estimated to receive orders of more than 200,000 US dollars. He said: “The results of this exhibition are very in line with our expectations. This exhibition is a shortcut to make the Taiwan brand contact the international market.”

Yingzi He, the chief operating director of Singapore online shopping women’s clothing brand Saturday Club, visited the Hong Kong Fashion Festival to purchase. It mixed two suppliers, including a sports clothing in the sports fashion exhibition area, and planned to order about 5,000 products. HeHe also said: “My impression of the exhibition is very good. Among them, the business pairing service Click2MATCH is very useful. Let us lock in what suppliers to negotiate with before arriving at the exhibition. I will recommend the company in the bank to visit this exhibition.”
Two exhibitions are held in an online offline model with “exhibition+”. In addition to physical exhibitions, buyers and sellers can talk about cooperation with the smart business pairing platform “Clicing2Match”.