The new movement of Die City Strategy Dimensions of the Clouds Zhu Bao: Promote the "Die City+Social Business" efficient connection of owners and merchants
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The new movement of Die City Strategy Dimensions of the Clouds Zhu Bao: Promote the "Die City+Social Business" efficient connection of owners and merchants

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  March 22,(02602.HK) The performance of 2023 was announced.Benefiting from the improvement of efficiency, the company’s net profit in 2023 increased by nearly 30%year -on -year, significantly higher than the growth rate of revenue.Under the implementation of Die City Strategy, the company’s core residential property business gross profit margin further increased by 3.5 percentage points, and the ecological superposition effect gradually realized.

  In 2024, the process transformation of no less than 100 Butterfly City will continue.At the performance briefing after the performance was released, Chairman Zhu Baoquan put forward a new idea of “Die City+Social Business” in the new direction of Die City ecology.After the financial report was disclosed, the stock price of all things rose by 4.4%throughout the day, with a market value of 23.5 billion Hong Kong dollars.

  The ecological effect of butterfly City is gradually showing Intelligent upgrade

  The performance announcement disclosed by everything on the day shows that the company’s income has grown steadily and the profitability has continued to optimize.During the reporting period, everything achieved operating income of 33.18 billion yuan, an increase of 10.2%year -on -year; the core net profit was 2.34 billion yuan, an increase of 29.8%year -on -year; the abundant cash and cash equivalents reached 15.57 billion yuan, and the cash surplus guarantee multiple reached 1.3 times.

  In recent years, the continuous advancement of the butterfly city strategy of all things is still the key to boosting performance growth and improvement of efficiency.Everything said that the butterfly city strategy during the reporting period has achieved phased success, and the number of butterfly city has continued to grow to 621, which is rich in reserve.There are 150 Butterfly City that has completed the process of renovation, and the service benefits of Die City have increased by 4.5 percentage points.

  ”Butterfly City” is the concept of regional service of all things. It refers to a community sharing service network established based on the needs of residents’ life and asset services in the geographical space of the 3 kilometers radius, based on the space -based Internet of Things technology and applications.Its business logic is to break the traditional residential property fence, and personnel scheduling changes from the community to a cross -community, allowing efficiency to improve.

  In 2023, the butterfly city of everything was further upgraded.

  On the one hand, with the gradual expansion of the asset service business, the effect of the ecological superposition of the butterfly city has gradually become.According to the financial report, as of the end of 2023, everything has been maintained in 40 butterfly City for maintenance and decoration services. The decoration has signed a contract amount of 350 million yuan, an increase of 68.0%year -on -year.

  On the other hand, Die City is further promoting intelligent upgrade.According to the financial report, in 2023, everything in the city of “Lingshi” was launched in the butterfly city.Server and “Flying Pigeon” intelligent work order system.The former is an integration system that integrates server, traffic business, communication business, and inspection business in Die City. In the future, it will be combined with large models and other technologies to achieve multi -scenario interoperability and interoperability;Everything said that the system was the first in the industry.

  “Butterfly+“Social Business” is a new idea

  Entering 2024, the butterfly city strategy will be further upgraded.At the performance of today’s performance conference, Zhu Baoquan, Chairman of Master Yun, put forward new ideas on the new direction of the Die City ecology in 2024, namely “Die City+Social Business”.

  The so -called “Butterfly City+Social Business” is to transform the community business that operates badly within the scope of Die City, inject Die City services, and use the community residents in Vanke Property to be tuned in the community mall.The butterfly city channels are used to drive the growth of merchants and business in Die City, and form a benign ecology of community business, brand merchants and consumers in the community of Die City.

  The exploration of the “Die City+Social Business” exploration in Fuzhou Jianxin South Olympic Sports has begun.According to reports, the project focuses on the butterfly city customer group within 3 kilometers. Through the linkage with Vanke Property’s “Living here” APP, it has locked the surrounding core owners and guest groups. It has activated 26,000 owners.Carry out activities including Vanke Property Pu Lijie and Mid -Autumn Festival Qianren Boxi Garden Club.

  According to the data shared by Zhu Baoquan, in the sunlight of the Olympic body, the owners of the business district in the butterfly city visited 27.4%, which was three times that of ordinary members. Community activities also led the sales of mall to sales by 19.8%, the rent increase of large owners by 27.2%, Marketing promotion costs decreased by 9%, and single -customer acquisition costs decreased by 34%.

  ”In the three -kilometer radius life circle, there are about 100,000 residents, of which there are generally no less than 50,000 to 80,000 square meters of Shoppingmall.So far, there have been no small communities mall with 5,000 square meters to 30,000 square meters. “Zhu Baoquan said when analyzing the” Butterfly City+Social Business “idea,” and many companies put the focus on the relationship between ‘I and the merchant’ ‘relationship.And there is no shopping mall to really solve the relationship with the surrounding residents. “

  The social business at the door of the house with the owner is the slogan of the “Butterfly City+Social Business” model of all things.Zhu Baoquan said, “Everything hopes to truly allow the community business and customers to make a connection to the store. I hope that these community business can meet the daily needs of residential owners within the scope of Die City, and help the residential production and value -added and appreciate.The preservation and value -added of community commercial assets. This is the new ecological direction proposed by Diecheng Strategy in 2024. “