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The sixth ecological environmental protection inspection team of Guizhou Province completes the sinking stage

On March 19, after four days of inspection, the sixth ecological environmental protection inspection team of Guizhou Province was completed and returned to the work station.During the sinking period, the inspection team reviewed the situation held by the previous stage of information, and after sorting out the clues of related issues, conducting on -site inspections and verification of environmental issues that highlight environmental problems and the public reflected strong environmental issues, and completed various inspection tasks.

The inspection team was divided into 6 sinking groups to carry out full coverage inspectors in Bijie City. According to statistics, the inspection team conducted on -site inspections and visited the masses in 9 counties (cities, districts) in Bijie City., Coal mine, drinking water source, black and odorous water body, pesticide packaging waste recycling point, sewage treatment plant (station), garbage landfill, natural protection areas, rural environmental improvement projects, solid waste disposal, livestock and poultry farms, water power stations, water power stations, Mining repair, medical institutions and other aspects.

In the next step, the inspection team will analyze and summarize the ecological and environmental issues that have been verified during the sinking stage, supplement some clues to some problems, and obtain evidence, summarize the clues and evidence materials that have been proven, and continue to accept the reports of the masses.

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