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The first responsible standard for the consumer finance industry is released

Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Pan Yichun) On March 20, at the Consumer Finance Summit Forum, the first consumer finance industry jointly written by the Shanghai Financial and Development Laboratory Research Group and the National Financial Supervision and Administration Chongqing Supervision Bureau’s research groupThe responsible standards are officially released.

In recent years, strengthening the ethical responsibility of technology companies and financial institutions through “responsible finance” is a major focus on the attention of financial management departments.In October 2023, the “Implementation Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the High -quality Development of Inclusive Finance” clearly stated that “advocating responsible and financial concepts and effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers.”

The responsible standards of the first consumer finance industry came into being.The director of the Shanghai Finance and Development Laboratory once introduced that the research team divided the “responsible consumer finance” standard into 5 themes and multiple indicators. Among them, the five themes were social and environmental, consumer protection, consumers, consumersPromote and improve, digital financial business risk management, and cooperative management.

Zeng Gang said that this standard mainly focuses on the behavioral orientation of consumer financial service providers. Considering the general trend of expanding the concept of social responsibility to ESG around the world, and in the current development stage of my country, consumer finance needs to be exerted in supporting national strategies in supporting national strategies. The important role, therefore, on the basis of the narrow “responsible finance” focusing on the protection of consumer rights and interests, the social responsibility of the environmental and supporting national strategic factors also incorporates a broader social responsibility into the self -discipline framework to promote the healthy development of the industry.

The “social and environment” dimension that is included for the first time pays attention to the consistency of the development of consumer financial business and the guidance of macroeconomic policy. At present, focusing on consumer finance to help consumption recovery and stimulate potential demand.In recent years, consumer financial institutions have responded to policy requirements, and participating in consumption by increasing consumption supply and reducing rates. However, how to take into account the financial health of institutions and consumers is also the focus of social concern.

Zeng Gang has proposed that under the research framework, “responsible consumer finance” should pay attention to issues including excessive liabilities, illegal use of funds, structural imbalances, etc., and also provide guidelines from the dimensions of appropriate management, responsible marketing, and cooperative management.

In fact, consumer financial institutions have launched explorations.Take Ant’s money as an example. By accurate credit, restricting scenarios, and providing management tools, etc., it is necessary to ensure the authenticity of funds to consumption and avoid consumers from excessive consumption.

The person in charge of the research team of the Chongqing Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Finance and Administration said that from the long run, the establishment of a responsible standard framework can be converted into the direction of guiding development in practice., Perfect and optimize, such as increasing the public disclosure of consumer protection related information.”This will help the accumulation of relevant data and information. In the future, a specific behavior guidance and evaluation system can be formed to jointly promote the responsible development of the consumer finance industry.”

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