Why insist on exercise?This is the best answer I have ever seen
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Why insist on exercise?This is the best answer I have ever seen

At the end of the year, has the fitness plan made at the beginning of the year?In the new year, are you determined to exercise well?

Where do you think exercise is useful?A high praise on the Internet answers: When the elevator can only climb the stairs; when you don’t have to eat too much meal, you will get fat and worry; when you are calm, not afraid of getting a medical examination report.

Sports, let you healthy

In many moments, even if we know the benefits of exercise, we will still have countless hesitation before going to fitness: “It’s raining, it’s too cold, overtime today, dinner at night, it’s troublesome to change sportswear, the equipment is not ready …… “But if you ask those who often exercise, they often have only one sentence,” Just set off. “

In this life, the most important thing is that there is a good body, a good mood, and a good mentality.And these can give you exactly the exercise.

Most people who like sports have healthier body and stronger physique, and even have a better mentality.The problems that do not love sports are often easily ignored by us, and even you will pay a huge price for this.

Exercise, make you happy

Friend Xiao Yuan has shared his experience: for a while, he was particularly low in mood and his mood was particularly bad.Since then, he has slowly fell in love with running.From the need to force himself to focus on exercise, to gradually experience “the thrill of running.”He said that although muscle soreness and discomfort during running, when he devoted himself to exercise, the troubles were left behind, and the state of the whole person became better and better.

I wonder if you find that those who love sports seem to be more optimistic.They rarely worry about why they are troubled, and they rarely fall into the trough of emotions.

In fact, exercise does not help us solve the problems we have encountered, but it allows people to release bad emotions and make people have a more positive attitude.Imagine the mood of letting sweat take away the haze, will the whole person’s state be more active?

Exercise, persist

Don’t think that the sports will be tired, you can’t sit still for a long time, your body will be more tired.Don’t think that you don’t have time to exercise. In fact, you can watch the phone for a few minutes, and you will freeze out.Don’t think that exercise can be slow and put, because the disease will not give you time to prepare.

Therefore, please don’t hesitate, don’t wait, set up a suitable fitness plan for yourself.You don’t need to set too much exercise intensity, even if you insist on running one kilometer every day, it will naturally see changes.

When you start running, it will follow a better mentality, a healthier body, a more sunny face, and a open life.Go to exercise, every drop of sweat in your exercise will not disappoint you in the future.

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