Jinzi Foods and Healthy Snacks appeared at the Expo with the "Health+Delicious" Nuggets snack segmentation
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Jinzi Foods and Healthy Snacks appeared at the Expo with the "Health+Delicious" Nuggets snack segmentation

Source: Securities Daily

Our reporter Xiao Wei

On April 13th, the 4th China International Consumer Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as: the Expo) opened in Haikou, Hainan.In the Hunan Pavilion, 24 Hunan enterprises brought hundreds of high -quality Hunan products to participate in the exhibition.in,Jinzi FoodCome with a variety of healthy snacks at the Expo and use the “Healthy+Delicious” Nuggets snack industry segmentation track.

The theme of this Expo with the theme of “sharing open opportunities and creating a better life together” has attracted 71 countries and regions and over 4,000 brands to participate in the exhibition.Jinzi FoodDo full homework for the above themes in advance, and use “health+delicious” as the main feature of this new product.

Starting in the leisure food industry for 34 yearsJinzi FoodChairman Zhou Jinsong said that on the basis of “delicious”, combining more “healthy” elements and making “delicious and healthy snacks” is the key way to win in the current snack industry.

Jin Tsai Food adhered to the concept of sharing and open opportunities, obtained high -quality raw materials from overseas, and harvested a large number of fans from overseas.At the same time, the company adheres to the concept of creating a better life and has a strong energy to discover the segmented track of healthy snacks.Jin Tsai Food Director Feng Wenji Xiang “SecuritiesThe reporter of the Daily said: “After the company’s new products have been recommended by multiple parties, they have obtained positive feedback from customers at home and abroad.”

At this Expo, Jinzai Food brought healthy snacks such as Jinzi deep -sea catfish, and introduced the new health snacks such as small egg round quail eggs, Zhou Xianxian Pingjiang sauce and other healthy snacks.

The booth of Jinzi Food at the Expo (Photography: Xiao Wei)

Jinzi Food Healthy Snacks Get Consumer Followers (Photography: Xiao Wei)

Among them, Jinzi Deep Sea catfish is selected from overseas high -quality raw materials. Through process innovation, the finished product contains 160 mg DHA and 33 grams of protein per 100 grams, and uses the latest nitrogen preservation technology.Jinzai Heart Quail Egg was awarded by the international authoritative certification agency SGS and Sarawin’s “Non -antibiotic quail egg production base”, “China’s first creator of anti -antibiotic quail eggs” and “Chinese packaging heart quail egg pioneer”.Zhou Xianxian Pingjiang Sauce is an upgrade of the classic products of Jinzai Food, which has continued to keep fresh for 68 days under the condition of zero prevention.On the basis of changing the traditional craftsmanship of “gypsum dot tofu”, Jinzi Food creatively uses probiotic point -made process to redefine the new style of dry health.

Zhou Jinxiang “SecuritiesAccording to the reporter of the Daily, the dry products were the products he was already doing in the early days of entrepreneurship.”The above new products have been explored and tried many times to break the traditional crafts and introduceHealthyThe time of Su has arrived, and this Expo is an excellent opportunity to test new products and new ideas.”He said.

It is understood that after completing the previous three -year multiplication plan, Jinzai Food has opened a new three -year multiplication plan this year, which has full confidence in the new driving force brought by healthy snacks.