Guizhou ICBC launches the "Inclusive Finance Promotion Month" action
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Guizhou ICBC launches the "Inclusive Finance Promotion Month" action

In the past few days, the Guizhou Branch of the ICBC has actively strived to be the pioneers, propagandist and consolidates, focusing on the theme of “Pu Ju financial services, benefiting thousands of enterprises and ten thousand households”, and promoting the promotion of “inclusive finance promotion month” activitiesOne of the measures of Huida’s articles, actively implement the “Implementation Plan for the” Incidential Finance Promotion Month “of Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province, Guizhou, Guizhou, the State Finance Supervision and Administration.Through the theme of benchmarking operations, the content of the benchmarking action, and the effectiveness of the benchmarking action, carry out publicity and marketing actions, effectively alleviate the financing problem of small and micro enterprises, and create a good environment for inclusive public opinion.
Carry out financial business publicity activities.
Under the organization of the Guizhou Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Finance and Administration, the Guizhou Branch has quickly acted, strengthened the organization, and continued to promote the “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” action.In the organization, through the establishment of a cross -professional flexible team, we will give full play to the full product and full service support.In terms of promotion, the situation in the province is promoted every week, paying attention to the development of activities, publicity situations, current typical cases, and activities effectiveness.In terms of propaganda, through accurate publicity and marketing of major regions, the combination of online and offline is used to make full use of the advantages of the outlets to expand publicity, and actively carry out inclusive policies and universal groups such as the public, small and micro enterprises, rural farmers and other customers.Propaganda and marketing of White color products.
Strive for the financial pioneers to add new kinetic energy in the field
Guizhou ICBC has earnestly fulfilled the duties of state -owned banks, actively supports local economic construction, and increases loans in the inclusive field. In recent years, it has maintained a rapid growth.%.Under the framework of the three major product systems of fast loan, online loan, and digital supply chain, Guizhou ICBC innovates the characteristics of Guizhou characteristic scenarios in accordance with the regional economic characteristics, forms a “regional E loan” for regions, and forms “Gui Farmers E E” to the industry.Loan “” Loan “and other Guizhou scene products.Since the launch of the “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” activity, Guizhou ICBC “enters outlets, enters the park, and enters the countryside”, actively publicize the “inclusive promotion month” activity, and make full use of “new generation of fast loans”, “Huishang loan”, “industrial industry”, “industrial industry”Fusion loan “and other products to improve the coverage of the regional inclusive field. At the same time, the” breeding E loan “business has been implemented. In addition to beef cattle, new varieties covering goats, pigs, eggs, etc.It is better to achieve financial support for the first, second, and tertiary industries.
Carry out the promotion of the policy of benefiting enterprise.
Strive to be a financial propaganda for the popularization of knowledge for the land in the middle of the Guizhou
Focus on outlets.On the one hand, various types of electronic communication systems are used to carry out publicity.Make full use of LED scroll screens, TV media, vertical poster machines and other outlets of electronic marketing facilities and equipment to carry out multi -channel promotion of enterprise -benefit enterprise policies.The main position is based on the outlets, and the publicity effects are strengthened by distributed various methods such as publicity discounts, electronic screen rolling playback, and poster machines.On the other hand, use the ICBC station brand to carry out outlets to publicize activities.Relying on the outlets, make full use of the “ICBC Station” mission -people brand, and use the small and micro customer business to handle the waiting time for the lobby micro -sand dragon, financial knowledge small classroom and other forms to deepen the customer’s knowledge and products and products.Understanding.
Focus on village and towns.With the help of the “ICBC Interesting Bank” youth pioneer in the bank, walk into the countryside, carry out publicity activities for “sending the door” in financial knowledge, and in the form of “one -to -one”, “one -to -many” and “face -to -face”, to the village committee and farmersWaiting for publicity, through the distribution of publicity materials, face -to -face explanations, consultation answers, and on -site visits to publicity, the masses of villagers have popularized inclusive financial policies and products.
Actively carry out publicity and marketing of inclusive policies and inclusive products to the public, small and micro enterprises, rural farmers and other customers.
Focus on parks and business districts.The inclusive financial team and the rural revitalization youth pioneer are accurate marketing, actively connected to the territorial park, carried out small and micro enterprise customer marketing activities, on -site financial consulting services, and promoted to more small and micro customers and farmers.
Strive to serve as a financial member to serve the masses to serve the masses in the land of Guizhou
With the help of 3.15 consumer rights protection education activities, Guizhou Branch actively launch the inclusive financial team. On March 15th, they were concentrated in the citizen squares with the most concentrated people in the urban area. By setting up publicity exhibition points, they issued the Pu to the general public through the Pupa Pu Pu to the general public.Propaganda materials such as benefit finance, consumer rights protection education, explaining inclusive financial products on the spot, interpreting inclusive financial policies and inclusive financial knowledge on the spot, and questioning citizens on the spot to preach inclusive financial related knowledge points for citizens.
Enter the countryside and carry out financial knowledge promotion activities.
Since the launch of the event, it has entered the government, entering the park, entering the community, entering the association, and entering the village nearly 400 times, nearly 7,000 publicity times, and about 2,2300 propaganda materials.(Text/Figure Chen Guo)