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Lei Jun: Talking about Xiaomi’s vehicle -made advantage / not enough public opinion environment / please be merciless in your mouth

    [Car House Information] Lei Jun released the latest video of answering netizens on personal Weibo, including “the advantage of Xiaomi car manufacturing” and “Xiaomi SU7 will be on sale soon, what are you most worried about?” And so on.

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● About the advantages of Xiaomi car building

    Lei Jun said, “Smart is the soul of the car. As a technology company and the top three smartphone companies in the world, Xiaomi has the strongest advantage is intelligent technology. Xiaomi’s ability in consumer electronics, operating systems, chips, AI, etc.Strongly leading traditional car factories.Traditional car manufacturers will still be very, very hard to catch up with Xiaomi.

    Lei Jun gave an example, “Smart cockpit, smart driving, and many car manufacturers have chosen the supplier’s plan. I understand their decisions very well because the self -developed investment is very large and it is not easy to make.The advantage is very obvious. Only by constantly updating and iteration can the intelligent system be delivered to consumers the best and latest technology. The life cycle of a car is very long.Electric cars are essentially the strength of intelligent technology. You have to believe that this brand has enough ability and determination to continue to make intelligent technology. From this perspective, Xiaomi must be the best car manufacturer in the world in the world.one.”

● About Xiaomi SU7’s most worried question