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Ministry of Ecology and Environment: Carry out the reform of science and technology systems in the ecological environment

Newspaper (China Youth Daily · Zhongqing.com reporter Zhang Yi) Recently, Wang Zhibin, director of the Department of Science and Technology and Finance of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said at the press conference that it will actively plan and promote the science and technology planning of the “15th Five -Year Plan” ecological environment field.Research and preparation related work.
After the reform of the State Council’s institution last year, a new change in the field of ecological environment and technology work was that the Ministry of Ecology and Environment became the main responsible unit for building a new type of national system in the field of ecological environment.
In Wang Zhibin’s view, this functional transfer is to require the Ministry of Ecology and Environment as the main responsible unit, focusing on major strategic needs such as national science and technology self -reliance and beautiful Chinese construction. From the perspective of the ecological environment, study and plan the strategic goals and tasks of scientific and technological development.Planning and project deployment and other recent long -term planning systems have introduced a package of policy systems such as relevant regulations, technical specifications, industrial development, and talent incentives to build a new national system in science and technology research in the ecological environment.
“The reform of the Central Science and Technology System has strengthened the field of science and technology. In terms of science and technology in the ecological environment, it can give full play to the important advantages of the ecological environment and functional departments to be more familiar with and understand the development trends and technological needs of the art.” Wang Zhibin said that the ecological environment of science and technology in the ecological environment fieldThe advantage is “from practice, to practice.”
From the practice, it is to focus on practical problems to condense technological needs, concentrate their strength to carry out scientific and technological research, and better support service management decisions; in practice, it is to strengthen the promotion of scientific and technological achievements, better solve practical problems and management problems, and surround the entire entireThe forward -looking demand for development has enhanced key technology reserves, leading to promoting the self -reliance of green low -carbon technology.
The reform of the scientific and technological system in the ecological environment is a systematic project, and the task is arduous. How to carry out?
Wang Zhibin introduced that it is necessary to properly handle high -quality development and high -level scientific and technological innovation, basic research and application development, centralized research and collaborative innovation, business support and social services, national systems and fields of science and technology, and department technology.
The focus of the focus is to adhere to and strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership, promote the construction of a new national system of science and technology in the ecological environment, strengthen basic research on the ecological environment field, strengthen the key technology research of beautiful China to build the ecological environment, and build the strategic technological power of the ecological environment.Task.
In addition, in accordance with the principles of establishing first, post -break, positive and stability, and improvement, we must reshape the five major five major five major in the ecological environment management system, value system, personnel organization system, innovation platform system, and evaluation and assessment system of the ecological and environmental field that are compatible with the new national system.system.
(Source: China Youth Daily)